Obama’s big win / Awkward / Freeze warning

Obama’s big win. A federal judge has refused to block construction of the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park, setting the stage for construction to begin mid-month …
 … unless opponents, who contend reviews of the center’s impact on the environment were faulty, appeal.
National Review: “Few symbols are more emblematic of … ‘late republic nonsense’ than the Obama Presidential Center, which … would actually be about ten stories taller than Napoleon’s Paris monument.” (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
Speaking of presidents: PolitiFact calls lulkoek on a pro-capitalist quote misattributed—by, among others, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush—to Abe Lincoln.

Whoops. A Republican candidate for Illinois governor attacked Gov. Pritzker’s schools mask mandate—but got the facts wrong on a study that he said deprecated masks’ value.
Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is requiring his employees to get vaxxed or undergo biweekly testing for COVID-19.
Illinois’ daily caseload has hit its highest level since May 7.
United Airlines is on board.
In one of the first such actions by a major U.S. company, CNN has fired three employees who entered an office without having been vaccinated.

Awkward. A South Carolina Republican congressman suing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over fines for not wearing masks on the House floor has contracted COVID-19.
A Texas Republican leader who contracted the coronavirus is dead just days after mocking the vaccine on Facebook.
USA Today: The pandemic’s fourth wave “is threatening to overwhelm” regions with large swaths of the unvaccinated—especially Texas and Florida.
Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg on why mask resistance is such a big deal in the old Confederacy: “These are the same people who felt the need to break away from the United States if staying meant they couldn’t keep slaves.”

Hey, kids! Vaccines! But until then: Masks! A Mayo Clinic infectious disease specialist sees COVID-19 vaccines for young children “around the corner.”

Cop charged. A police officer who shot an unarmed man in the back at a downtown CTA station is the first Chicago cop in about five years to face criminal charges stemming from using a weapon on duty.
The victim’s lawyer calls the charges “the first step in ensuring … justice.”
The incident was caught in video recorded by a man who said he felt “a responsibility … to at least bear witness” (March 2020 link).

Freeze warning. A new study warns that global warming threatens the collapse of ocean currents in the Atlantic—which could trigger the onset of rapid and irreversible extreme cold across North America.
If that reminds you of the 2004 eco-disaster film The Day After Tomorrowwell, yeah (2019 link).

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