Not so white / How it ends / Dual dingi

Not so white. For the first time on record, the U.S. Census tally shows the white population of the United States fell.
The nation’s “two or more races” population almost more than tripled over the last decade.
Despite the pandemic and some of Donald Trump’s best efforts at meddling in the counting process, Chicago grew some—to stay the nation’s No. 3 city …
 … but Chicago-area suburbs grew by their slowest rate in decades …
CNN’s Stephen Collinson: The new numbers raise “questions about how Democrats position their … attitude to a white working-class audience.”

How it ends. The Atlantic’s Ed Yong—who’s been ahead of the pandemic journalism curve for years (2018 link)—says this one will pass, but the delta variant means COVID-19 will be “a recurring part of our lives.”
The FDA has approved administration of a third dose of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to transplant recipients and others with weakened immune systems. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
Chicago’s top doc says Lollapalooza wasn’t a “super-spreader” event …
 … but the city has tied at least 203 COVID-19 cases to the fest.
With delta ascendant, it’s beginning to feel like March 2020 all over again.
Two days into the school year, Florida’s Palm Beach County schools have seen 400 students quarantined.
The Center for Public Integrity: COVID worsened evictions. Then evictions worsened COVID.
A pandemic-inspired legacy for Cook County courts: The chief judge says most domestic violence-related hearings will continue to take place remotely “to better serve victims.”

Full speed (tickets) ahead. Tribune analysis shows Chicago’s draconian new speed-camera enforcement—lowering the threshold for citations from 10 mph to 6 mph—has increased fines by a factor of almost 17.
The CTA will offer free rides to school kids on the first day of class, Aug. 30.

Taliban blitz. Updating coverage: As the U.S. withdraws from Afganistan, ending a two-decade war, the politically and religiously ultraconservative Taliban have swept through the nation’s south—taking four more provincial capitals.
The pullout spells heightened danger for journalists in Afghanistan—especially women.

Dual dingi.* Newsletter journalist Lyz Lenz bestows her “Dingus of the Week” honor on not one but two people: Kentucky Republican Rep. Rand Paul and his wife.

‘Maybe history will forgive Todd Ricketts for taking money from Cubs fans and using it to underwrite sedition.’ But, the Sun-Times’ Neil Steinberg says, the legacy of a previous owner of the team—a man who 100 years ago Monday hosted the largest rally of the Ku Klux Klan ever on Illinois soil—suggests not.
Midway Minute’s Kevin Kaduk on the Field of Dreams matchup between the White Sox and the Yankees in Dyersville, Iowa: “Last night won’t ever be topped.”

Weather relief. Chicago’s weekend forecast brings an end to the hot and stormy weather …
 … which should make a pleasant revival Saturday for the Bud Billiken Parade …
 … and the pandemically stripped-down World Naked Bike Ride …
  …  but the better weather arrived too late to save the Illinois State Fair’s kickoff concert featuring Sammy Hagar.
Consumer Reports offers relationship-saving advice on the best settings for central air conditioning.

Chicago Public Square supports Mikva Challenge.

* Yes, the plural of dingus is properly dinguses. But dingi is funnier.

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