Cash coming / ‘I. Don’t. Care.’ / ‘Abolish the Olympics’

Cash coming. Child tax credit money for parents of kids through age 17 begins flowing today to more than 35 million U.S. families …
 … but, The Wall Street Journal warns, those payments could also trigger unexpected tax bills next year.
It’s a program once on Republican President Richard Nixon’s to-do list.

‘Good people feel the need to arm themselves when traveling to Chicago.’ A lawyer for an Iowa man arrested here after a downtown hotel housekeeper found a loaded rifle with a laser scope, five ammo clips and a loaded handgun in his room says the guy was here just to propose to his girlfriend and not to launch a mass attack on the city.
The Sun-Times: Chicago’s recorded the most mass shootings in the nation over the last five years …
 … including at least 10 people wounded in separate incidents on the West Side and the South Side.
A 73-year-old grandfather, Star Trek fan and Vietnam war veteran is dead after being punched during an attempted South Side carjacking.
A School of the Art Institute student has been sentenced to pay more than $58,000 to replace a police vehicle he set on fire during the May 2020 riots downtown.
 A Utah-based gun company is promising to stop making and selling a Glock handgun disguised to look like a Lego toy.

‘The window … is closing..’ Research by a director at one of the world’s largest accounting firms suggests society is—as a 1972 Massachusetts Institute of Technology report predicted—on track for a global collapse by 2040 …
 … raising what Motherboard calls “urgent questions about … overexploitation of planetary resources.”
A new report encourages Chicago to think differently about its garbage and recycling programs.
Massive flooding in Germany left more than 30 dead and dozens missing.

‘I. Don’t. Care.’ A highly regarded Republican messaging strategist has been advising President Biden’s pandemic task force—and he says he’s not worried about blowback from conservatives.
Daily Beast contributor David Rothkopf condemns ex-President George W. Bush—“who is responsible for the biggest foreign policy catastrophe in U.S. history”—for now giving President Biden advice on foreign policy.
A new book on Donald Trump’s last year as president says the nation’s top generals feared he’d attempt a coup.
The Guardian: Despite Texas’ left-bound demographics, Texas Republicans are leaning further to the right. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

Amazon ascendant. In one of its biggest Chicago deals, Amazon’s buying a steel-fabricating plant on the Southwest Side for another delivery station.
A phone app that helps people buy restaurant food—cheap—that otherwise would go to waste has launched in Chicago.
Block Club Chicago serves up “Chicago’s Ultimate Ice Cream Guide.”

‘Abolish the Olympics.’ New Republic columnist Natalie Shure calls them “a financial boondoggle that … this year … might also spread a deadly COVID variant among a largely unvaccinated population.”
Sun-Times critic Richard Roeper gives Space Jam: A New Legacy a measly 1 1/2 stars: “I’ve never seen anything like it… and I wish I could unsee what I have seen.”
Speaking of the ’90s: A one-hour documentary debuting tonight spotlights Chicago’s role then as the capital of “trash TV.”

‘It really doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere.’ Frustrated by a lack of ethics reform in the Illinois General Assembly, the legislators’ official watchdog is quitting.
An ex-Chicago Public Schools elementary principal has been indicted on charges of using as much as $200,000 in public money to feather her own nest.
Law blogger Jack Leyhane on bribes allegedly taken by a Cook County Board of Review worker for reducing a residential property tax assessment: “The real scandal is that we have assessments at all.”

Chicago Public Square loses a reader. A Chicagoan writes in reference to yesterday’s edition, which featured an essay by N’DIGO publisher Hermene Hartman: “What in the world are you doing linking that empty rant about city crime? What is the news value there? … Boosting a pile of MAGAt-level raving is beneath you, or should be anyway. … Please remove me from the email list immediately.”
Another reader: “As I read it, I thought, ‘Hermene Hartman isn’t a journalist. She took $50,000 to shill for Bruce Rauner. And I don’t believe what I’m reading here is true.’” (Here’s the 2014 report to which that writer alludes.)

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