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‘A senseless tragedy.’ A University of Chicago student mourns the death of a classmate struck by a stray bullet as he rode a Green Line train.
Streetsblog Chicago’s John Greenfield: “Transit ambassadors” are the answer to CTA violence.
A Chicago police commander and a sergeant were shot and wounded as they tried to break up a 4th of July party in the Austin neighborhood early Monday.
Chicago’s most violent weekend of the year left more than 100 shot and at least 19 dead.
 Nationwide: More than 180 were fatally shot(Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

Train manifestation. As commuters return to workplaces, Metra’s expanding rush-hour service on seven of its lines.
Good reason to consider training it on holidays: Over the weekend, Chicago temporarily jacked up lakefront parking rates by about a factor of five.

COVID rising. Almost half the United States of America report increases in COVID-19 caseloads—mostly driven by the delta variant …
 … but Illinois is doing OK.
Britain’s scrapping rules requiring isolation for people who’re fully vaccinated—even if they’ve come into contact with someone who’s tested positive for COVID-19.

Condom conversion. When Chicago schools reopen next month, new policy will require that those teaching fifth graders and up make menstruation products and condoms available to students.
 To help West Side students off to college, a charitable campaign is collecting dorm-life furniture and other supplies.

Still wanted. Six months after the Capitol insurrection, 300 of the 900 people shown on an FBI website seeking information on the perpetrators remain unidentified.
The Chicago Tribune gave the Republican National Committee chair most of a page today for an unchallenged attack on Illinois Democrats.

404 spine not found. The Popular Information politics newsletter reports that, despite Google’s Jan. 25 pledge to stop contributing to any members of Congress “who voted against certification of the election results,” its cash is reaching them nevertheless.
Bloomberg: Friends and coworkers suggest Jeff Bezos’ successor as CEO could lead “a gentler, humbler Amazon.”
Apple’s updated Podcasts app sucks …
 … but you can use it—among other platforms—to hear the Chicago Public Square podcast series.

‘The look on his face terrified me.’ An Illinois Wesleyan University-educated ex-flight attendant tells the Trib’s Christopher Borrelli that she knew she had a great idea for her novel when she floated it by a captain: “What would you do if your family was kidnapped and you were told if you didn’t crash the plane, they would be killed?”
Critic Aaron Barnhart continues his critical look at late-night TV: “America Has Changed Since 2014. The Tonight Show Hasn’t.”

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