‘Get rid of the left turn’ / ‘This was a massacre’ / ‘We are not Wheaton’

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‘Get rid of the left turn.’ A civil engineering professor explains how limiting or forbidding left turns would make city traffic safer.
On its way to Gov. Pritzker: A bill requiring that the state cover 100% of the cost of walking and biking infrastructure on state roads, just as it does for cars and trucks.

Election direction. The state Senate is sending the House a bill that would give Chicagoans the right to elect at least some of their school board as soon as 2024.
Lawmakers sent the governor decisive action on a state budget with no tax or fee hikes for individuals …
 … and on a state ethics law overhaul.
Politico’s Shia Kapos reviews what remains undone in “a legislative session gone wild.”

‘She does not know how to be a team player.’ A Chicago alderman is among those sounding the alarm about a failed push by Mayor Lightfoot’s floor leader to redraw the wards of the mayor’s critics.
President Biden’s assigned Vice President Harris to lead an effort to protect voting rights nationwide.

‘This was a massacre.’ Biden commemorated the hundredth anniversary of a white mob’s looting and burning of Tulsa’s Greenwood district with what media writer Tom Jones calls one of the most powerful speeches of his presidency.
N’DIGO publisher Hermene Hartman: “Reparations for Tulsa should be the clarion call of today’s Black leadership.”
Columnist Clarence Page: “Chicago had a ‘Black Wall Street’ too.”
 A Tribune investigation for the first time documents the effect of last spring’s “spasm of chaos”: More than 2,100 businesses damaged throughout Chicago.

‘The cohesive tissue that brought them all together … kind of dissolved.’ One expert tells The Associated Press two of the most prominent far-right extremist groups have fallen into disarray in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol.
One alleged insurrectionist hopes to raise funds for his defense by auctioning off photos of himself in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
Sun-Times columnist Phil Kadner warns: “The truth is already being … twisted into some sort of patriotic display of free speech.”

‘I did not write or even see the tweet, or create the podcast.’ Yet the editor of the Chicago-based Journal of the American Medical Association is quitting, taking responsibility for a colleague’s assertion in a Journal podcast that structural racism no longer exists in the U.S. …
 … and for and a podcast-promoting tweet that claimed “no physician is racist.”

‘We are not Wheaton.’ A Tribune editorial condemns Mayor Lightfoot’s call to make permanent Chicago’s pandemic-triggered ban on late-night liquor sales.

Welcome … um … everyone. For the first time in almost a year, no states are on Chicago’s COVID-19 travel restrictions list.
Biden’s pushing free beer as a way to get Americans vaccinated.
Chicago news veteran Matt Rodewald: “I’m from a blue state and traveled to Florida. Here’s what it was like.”
University of Southern California research: “Though few U.S. residents have survived the pandemic unscathed, hardship isn’t equally distributed across groups.”

Meat feat. The world’s largest meat processing company—Brazil JBS SA, the second-largest producer in the U.S.—says it’s getting back online after a ransomware assault similar to the one that last month crippled a U.S. oil pipeline.
CNBC: A Russia-linked cybercriminal group is responsible.

Stream dreams. Critic Aaron Barnhart spotlights seven boutique TV services that are changing the game.
The new Google Chromecast gadget comes with a Netflix credit—for new and existing Netflix subscribers—that (link corrected) cuts the thing’s effective price to $6.

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