Who won? / Embarras-ing / No more Answers

Who won? The Tribune rounds up Tuesday’s Chicago-area municipal election results …
 … but some of the state’s closest races may not be decided until mail-in ballots get tallied days from now.

‘A 13-year-old pointing a gun … is as dangerous as a 23- or 33-year-old.’ In the case of a teen shot by Chicago police, Trib columnist Eric Zorn counsels patience for the facts but says “it’s not too early to stop … infantilizing 13-year-olds.”
Chicago police have been questioning a person in the shooting of a toddler in a car on Lake Shore Drive near Grant Park ….
 … a crime Mayor Lightfoot condemns as “simple, stupid road rage … just a terrible tragedy.”
The boy, 21 months old, was listed in critical condition after surgery.
A Tesla-driving Good Samaritan—who asked not to be identified—gets credit for driving the boy to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

‘This is a time to double down.’ Warm weather, increasing availability of vaccines and other promising trends notwithstanding, the Chicago Department of Public Health says COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations are rising and everyone should still be “wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, washing your hands and staying at home as much as you can.”
All Chicagoans over 16 will be eligible for vaccines by April 19 …
 … but the mayor says the city still doesn’t have enough shots to treat everyone who’ll be eligible.
The Chicago Teachers Union wants to delay high school reopenings by at least a week from the present April 19 target.
The Conversation: How to help kids get used to being with others again.

Embarras-ing. “Barely a bottle cap’s throw from the Embarras River in central Illinois,” the Sun-Times has tracked down the previously unidentified bar cited in a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report for hosting a not-so-grand opening that led to 46 cases of COVID-19 and the closure of a small-town school system.
For What It’s Worth blogger and lawyer Jack Leyhane: In “bowing to the anguished howls of the restaurant and hospitality industry” by easing restrictions, Chicago “has invited the 18-to-39-year-olds back into the streets, even while scolding them for doing so.”
Metra, which cut commuter service in half a year ago, is restoring trains on three lines.
Effective Friday: Travelers to Chicago from Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio and Washington, D.C., will have to quarantine for 10 days or test negative for coronavirus no more than 72 hours before arriving.
Half the nation’s new COVID-19 cases come from just five states.

Trashed. After the Better Government Association unearthed big problems with Chicago’s recycling program, the city’s dumping Waste Management—North America’s largest garbage hauling company—for a rival.
The BGA in 2018: “Tons and tons of Chicago recycling isn’t getting recycled. And a private company is paid for it—twice.”

The anti-ACLU. The Wall Street Journal reports Trump administration immigration pit bull Stephen Miller is launching an organization that will model the American Civil Liberties Union’s aggressive legal strategies to challenge Biden administration policies.
Ex-Vice President Pence is launching a similar offensive.
Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg holds out hope that a decline in American religion membership “might eventually bring a dawning awareness of the diversity of belief.”

No more Answers. Yahoo Answers is going away.
Ars Technica: Trump fans see the shutdown as a “plot to ‘silence conservatives.’
Tedium’s Ernie Smith: “If major companies think it’s too hard or costly to leave up sites filled with user-generated content, perhaps we need to change the motivations.”

Baseball’s choice. Major League Baseball’s protest of Georgia’s restrictive new voting legislation will send the All-Star Game to Denver July 13 …
 … but the official announcement avoided mentioning politics at all.
Rolling Stone’s Ryan Bort: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “channeled his inner mob boss in warning corporations like the MLB, Coke, and Delta to stay out of politics. He made sure to clarify that he still wants their money.”

The Trib’s John Kass whines that “Biden, Democrats and the woke corporations” have “poisoned baseball.” (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

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