History made / ‘Proper reprimands are necessary’ / Free doughnuts

History made. Evanston’s City Council has become the first in the nation to approve financial reparations for Black residents.
One champion of the cause: “The whole world is looking at Evanston.”
The lone “no” vote came from a Black woman.

‘A win for all of us.’ Tribune columnist Heidi Stevens hails Chicago Public Schools’ decision to dump the name of a racist Swiss scientist, Louis Agassiz, from a Lakeview school …
 … to be renamed after a woman born into slavery, Harriet Tubman.

‘Proper reprimands are necessary.’ Reversing his defense of Loretto Hospital’s leadership in a scandal over COVID-19 vaccinations for the privileged and ineligible, State Rep. LaShawn Ford—a member of the hospital’s board and recipient of $12,000 in campaign cash from its CEO—is quitting the board.
Ford is among several politicians with Loretto dirt on their hands (middle of today’s Politico Illinois Playbook).
Trib editorial: “Hospital executives wanted to be superstars. … Maybe they like attention. Well, here it is.” (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

Up to 5,000 doses a day. Illinois opens its fifth Cook County mass vaccination site Friday at a former HOBO store in Forest Park …
 … but, as WTTW explains, it comes with a catch: It’s just for those who are eligible—a calculation that differs from Chicago to Cook County to the state.
Patch columnist Mark Konkol fears it’s “just another vaccination line you can’t get into” …
 … but a toll-free Cook County reservation number yesterday yielded an appointment in just 18 minutes (mostly on hold).
Unable to get a shot in the daytime? Chicago’s health commissioner doesn’t see a 24-hour vaccination site anytime soon.

Not so fast. A University of Michigan medical historian warns Americans to take a lesson from the pandemic of 1918: “A premature return to pre-pandemic life risks more cases and more deaths.”
The U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says AstraZeneca’s proposed COVID-19 vaccine may not be as effective as the company boasted.
The Atlantic ponders the Sunshine State’s pandemic policies: “Liberals predicted that Florida would get destroyed by its laissez-faire approach. … Conservatives said the state was the future of the economy. What if they were both wrong?

Free doughnuts. Krispy Kreme is offering anyone with proof of COVID-19 vaccination a freebie every day for the rest of the year.
A downtown Chicago marketing alliance finds businesses “slightly more confident” about life returning to the Loop.
Recode: 10 ways office work will never be the same after the pandemic.
A Chicago alderman wants the city to refund bars and restaurants at least some of what they paid for liquor licenses they couldn’t use in the pandemic.
Mayor Lightfoot’s put a crimp in plans to clamp down on museums in residential neighborhoods.

Colorado’s grief. Updating coverage: At least 10 people are dead in a shooting at a Boulder supermarket.
The first officer at the scene was killed, leaving behind seven children.
A survivor describes how she and her son escaped: “We have three seconds. … Just move fast.
CNN’s Oliver Darcy on Fox News’ choice to discuss Joe Biden’s stair stumble instead of broadcasting a Boulder police news conference: “This is not the behavior of a news organization. It’s the behavior of a right-wing talk channel.”
A TV reporter’s plight: “I worked on a segment about one mass shooting that had to be postponed due to breaking news on another mass shooting. … I said to a friend ‘I’m not sure if this will air since we are in a different shooting now.’”

State of the states of the union.
Illinois politicians are joining a campaign to let Puerto Rico decide whether to become a state or declare its independence or something else.
Republicans opposing statehood for Washington, D.C., are shoveling lots of bullshit.

Rodent wrongdoing. Caught on video stealing an Amazon order from a Chicago porch: A squirrel.
Brace for the return of cicadas who’ve spent 17 years underground but now are ready to, in the words of the Trib’s Morgan Greene, “writhe up into our world, make a lot of noise, have sex and die.”

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