’You’ve got the wrong house’ / Lie of the year / Mixed out

‘You’ve got the wrong house, you’ve got the wrong house, you’ve got the wrong house.’ Body camera video reluctantly released by the City of Chicago shows an innocent woman protesting as cops entered her home, guns drawn, and handcuffed her naked.
CBS 2, which won the video’s release, wants to hear from others whose homes police have entered wrongly.
Prosecutors have dropped six more cases—for a total of more than 100—linked to a disgraced ex-cop.

‘A literal killing spree.’ An Amherst College professor of jurisprudence says President Trump is “turning the anger and resentment which burnishes his brand into a virtually unprecedented string of federal executions.”
This year, for the first time, the federal government has executed more American civilians than all the states combined.
Eric Zorn on the U.S. attorney general’s resignation: “There’s no doubt. Barr saved the worst for last.”

‘Do not set up a Mar-a-Lago bureau.’ The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan pleads with journalists to go cold-turkey on Trump when he leaves the White House.
Neighbors of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago complex are asking him not to make it his formal post-presidential residence.
With Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finally recognizing Joe Biden’s victory over Trump—after Russia’s Boris Vladimir Putin did so—a law professor concludes, “It really is over now.” (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
The Tribune’s Mary Schmich channels Trump in verse again: “Et tu, Ms. Coney Barrett? / Oh, et tu, young Brett and Neil? / I named you so you’d help me / Yet you will not help me steal?”

Lie of the year. PolitiFact’s made its choice.
The site’s editor-in-chief: This year’s winner could repeat next year.
The Onion’sOur Annual Year 2020” is almost complete.

Cabinet door shut. Ex-Mayor Rahm Emanuel isn’t getting the Transportation secretary job he wanted.
Mayor Lightfoot’s steamed at aldermen for blocking plans to raise taxes along North Michigan Avenue to fund security improvements after two rounds of looting.
In the wake of the “Fair Tax” amendment’s failure, Gov. Pritzker says the state needs to make $700 million in “painful” budget cuts.

Thankfully. Almost three weeks after Thanksgiving, Illinois seems to have dodged a COVID-19 surge.
Other Midwestern states are seeing a drop in new cases.
A Chicago doctor who caught the coronavirus: “It scared the daylights out of me,” but “absolutely” gave him insight on how to treat others.
The doc who got Chicago’s first COVID-19 vaccine says she’s “full of hope.”
Slate reporter Morgan Baskin says the pandemic’s demonstrated that Chicago and other cities “have far too many ultraexpensive apartments.”

Mixed out. For the second time since 2017, a female co-host is leaving WTMX-FM’s top-rated morning show.
Radio industry strategist Fred Jacobs on broadcasters working from home during the pandemic: “What’s old is new again.”

‘Facebook is a Doomsday Machine.’ Atlantic executive editor Adrienne LaFrance lays out the case that Mark Zuckerberg’s creation has reached “a tipping point where it can harm society just by existing.”
Apple’s out with updates to its software for iPhones, Macs, iPads and more …
 … plus security fixes and COVID-19 exposure notifications for ancient iPhones.
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, Mackenzie Scott, has given $4.1 billion to hundreds of charities—including the largest single donation ever to United Way of Metro Chicago.

‘If I see you doing it again, you’re f***ing gone.’ Tom Cruise ripped into workers on the set of the next Mission: Impossible movie because they broke pandemic safety rules.
A new movie, The Last Blockbuster, documents tech changes and bad financial decisions that (almost) killed off the video rental business.
Tedium: You can scour the web for the groundbreaking Altavista search engine—launched 25 years ago this week—but you won’t find it.

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