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Mum’s her word. Under repeated questioning in Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings, Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett persistently declined to express an opinion on women’s right to obtain abortions …
 … even though, as MSNBC has reported, she failed to disclose to the committee that she’d signed on to an ad calling the Roe v. Wade decision “barbaric.”
Journalist Kyle Griffin flags Barrett’s use of the phrase “sexual preference” as “offensive and outdated.”
One of Barrett’s Notre Dame colleagues lists three reasons Barrett should call for “an immediate halt to her nomination until after the November presidential election.”
Follow the hearings on C-SPAN
Wonkette’s Evan Hurst is liveblogging the spectacle in raw English.

‘Just about the only thing holding the Republican Party together.’ Politico says the Barrett nomination is papering over a growing schism between President Trump and the rest of the party.
The BBC dissects a batch of fresh lies from Trump yesterday to his supporters in Florida …
 … where he threatened to (link corrected) kiss everyone in that audience.” (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
The Daily Beast: Evidently confronting a budget squeeze, the Trump campaign has been pulling TV ads in states key to his chances of winning.
California Republicans are defending what they call “ballot harvesting”: Unofficial drop boxes placed at locations including churches and gun shops.
The New York Times: A state-by-state timeline of how quickly absentee votes will be counted.
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Terror trial. Updating coverage: Five men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan’s governor were to appear in federal court today.
A professor emeritus of government explains how the scheme sprouted from “a toxic mix of constitutional falsehoods and half-truths.”

Holiday warning. A Centers for Disease Control report details the cautionary tale of how a 13-year-old Cook County girl’s coronavirus infection spread to 11 people across four states during a three-week family vacation.
Block Club Chicago introduces you to Chicago “long-haulers”: People who caught COVID-19 and never got better.
The Conversation: Why men suffer more from the coronavirus.

You’re not gonna get this shot—soon. Johnson & Johnson has paused a study of its COVID-19 vaccine, blaming “an unexplained illness in a study participant.”
Radio Health Journal: The U.S. has invested billions to develop a vaccine, but almost nothing for distribution.

Suburban boom. The Wall Street Journal reports (from behind a paywall) that apartment rents are on the rise in suburbs across the U.S. as work-at-home trends accelerated by the pandemic free people of the “aggravating commute … downtown.”
But, hey, Chicago’s on the verge of getting a cool new bridge extending a bike and pedestrian trail.
A Chicago police officer was reported in fair condition today after her squad car dropped 25 feet off a Kennedy Expressway overpass.

Apple hollers. Next-generation iPhones were set for rollout today at noon in an Apple event to stream live on the web …
 … which CNET says puts you briefly in the “don’t buy a new iPhone unless you absolutely need it” zone.
Ars Technica: The best tech deals in today’s Amazon Prime Day sale.

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