Chicago in shock / Housing help / McDonald's unhappy deal

Chicago in shock. Developing coverage: The city suffered widespread overnight looting, vandalism and gunfire—downtown along North Michigan Avenue and in its neighborhoods—resulting in more than 100 arrests and at least 13 police officers hurt.
Mayor Lightfoot: “We are waking up in shock today.”
Police Supt. David Brown calls it “pure criminality.”
Cops exchanged gunfire with some of the offenders.
 Correction, 10:24 a.m.: Also overnight, police shot and wounded The unrest followed the police shooting and wounding Sunday afternoon of a 20-year-old man in the Englewood neighborhood, setting off a tense confrontation there.
For the first time, the Chicago Police Department’s three top leaders are Black.
Politico: Facing a bleak November, Republicans are campaigning to stoke a backlash against the Black Lives Matter movement.

‘We’re doing this for the people who have to work in the stores where their bosses won’t enforce public health rules.’ Gov. Pritzker is defending his push for more stringent rules regarding masks in public places during the pandemic.
Chicago’s fenced off Montrose Beach, where large crowds of people have been gathering in what Mayor Lightfoot has condemned as “reckless behavior.”
The Guardian:America’s Midwest braces itself for a COVID-19 surge.”
Bloomberg: “Covid’s Spreading Fast Because Billions Don’t Have Water to Wash” (and don’t think Chicago’s exempt).
Slate: “The Trump Pandemic: A blow-by-blow account of how the president killed thousands of Americans.”

Pajama pants prohibited. The Springfield school district has issued a dress code for kids learning remotely.
Columnist Neil Steinberg is skeptical about parochial classes this fall: “I hope the Catholic schools pull off in-person education without extracting too high a toll. But … hope alone is not a success strategy.”
A mechanical engineering professor shares tips for improving ventilation and filtration to prevent COVID-19’s spread in homes and businesses.

Housing help. Illinois today begins distributing almost $300 million in relief for renters and homeowners at risk of homelessness because of the pandemic.
Apply here—and quickly, because, as the website says, “funds are limited.”

‘Is there a place around back … where the asses go?’ That’s one critic’s response to Rolling Stone’s report that the White House asked if President Trump could be added to Mount Rushmore.

Trump denies it, but adds: “Sounds like a good idea to me!(Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

McDonald’s unhappy deal. The company is suing its ousted CEO Steve Easterbrook, accusing him of concealing sexual relationships with underlings, including explicit photos and videos sent from corporate email accounts.
The firing of Easterbrook, who was born in England (2015 profile), didn’t sit well with investors last fall.

‘If I never see Bill Clinton’s face again at … any important cultural event, it will be too soon.’ Reader columnist Ben Joravsky’s condemnation of the ex-president has stirred controversy in at least one social media thread.
A new streaming documentary revisits the 2016 election from the perspective of five voting stations—including a Bucktown tavern.

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Thanks to Paul Clark, first to note the need for a correction above.

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