'Absolutely disgusting' / Unrelated developments / 6 inches—or more?

‘Absolutely disgusting.’ MSNBC host Chris Matthews is under fire for comparing the Nevada primary victory of Bernie Sanders—a Jew whose relatives were killed by Nazis—with France’s fall to the Nazis.

Poynter media critic Tom Jones: Matthews was “really tasteless and completely inappropriate or, at the very least, just flat-out dumb.” (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
Sanders has a new plan for the federal government to offer tuition- and fee-free child care and pre-kindergarten to all American families.
MSNBC host Jason Johnson has complained about “the island of misfit black girls” backing Sanders.
African American Tribune columnist Dahleen Glanton: If Michael Bloomberg is the Democratic nominee, African Americans will take one for the team and vote for him.
Bloomberg’s Edgewater campaign office was vandalized with graffiti reading “racist,” “sexist,” “GOP” and “oligarch.”
The Daily Beast: Trump Speaks to Massive Indian Crowd, Mispronounces Almost Everything.”

‘Palos’ poppycock. Politico Illinois Playbook reports (middle of today’s issue) supporters of Congressman Dan Lipinski complain challenger Marie Newman’s campaign ad refers to her growing up in just “Palos”—not Palos Heights, Palos Hills or Palos Park—and so displays a lack of knowledge of the district.
But Newman’s fellow Carl Sandburg High School graduates—including your Square publisher—attest that just plain old “Palos” is indeed a thing natives say.
PolitFact rates a Lipinski statement on his vote against the Affordable Care Act “half-true.”
The Trib and the Sun-Times are splitting their endorsements for Cook County circuit court clerk.
Want help deciding how to vote in the Illinois primary? Here’s the 2020 Chicago Public Square voter guide.

Bus break. The CTA is launching an experiment to speed up buses by letting people board through front and rear doors.
A teenage boy was in critical condition after being stabbed early today and running to a nearby CTA Red Line station for help.
Chicago’s Six Corners intersection—at Cicero and Irving Park—is in for an upgrade over an empty Sears store and a hole in the ground dating back four years.

Unrelated developments.
$14 million could settle a lawsuit filed by public defenders and law clerks who complain Cook County inmates they represented masturbated in front of them.
The Sun-Times’ Neil Steinberg on coverage of newly on-the-loose convicted ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich: “We should turn away in revulsion.”

‘It’s not about their ignorance, it is our arrogance.’ A couple of hundred Chicago journalists jammed yesterday’s second Chicago Journalism Town Hall for four hours of self-examination and discussion about how to protect and rebuild the news business and its audience.
Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan: “With Trump unbound, the news media need to change. Yes, radically.”
A New York anchor has declared war on the “TV dress” for female broadcasters.

Flatlined. A guy who credited the president for inspiring a plan to launch himself 5,000 feet into the air to determine if Earth is flat died in the attempt over the weekend.
One of the female African American mathematicians who inspired the movie Hidden Figures is dead at 101.

6 inches—or more? Brace yourself for a fresh round of snowfall in the Chicago area.
It could dump as much as an inch an hour beginning tomorrow morning.
And 12 inches isn't out of the question.

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