High times / Another one down / When 'Jeopardy!' was canceled

High times. Now that recreational pot is legal in Illinois, the Sun-Times editorial board counsels, keep an eye on traffic accident stats and emergency room visits.

Day 1 generated customer lines that went on for blocks …
 … in Chicago and the suburbs …
 … and it lured a bunch of shoppers from Indiana. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
Among first-day buyers: Illinois’ lieutenant governor.
The Grown In: Illinois newsletter: Can bosses keep workers from partaking during off-hours? Sometimes.

Rod Blagojevich, half-baked historian. Illinois’ disgraced and imprisoned ex-governor posited in an opinion piece for the reactionary Newsmax website: “Today’s Democrats would have impeached Lincoln.”
But he may have been writing for an audience of one.

Another one down. Ex-Housing Secretary Julian Castro’s shuttering his presidential campaign.
Fresh warnings from experts: 2020 election results are at continued risk of cyber attacks and programming errors.
Today marks the start of filing for presidential candidates seeking spots on Illinois’ March primary ballot.
As the decennial census campaign begins, the Tribune runs down what you need to know.

Suburban anti-Semitism. The AP details political and zoning disputes that preceded violence in communities surrounding New York City.
Some of Chicago’s biggest developers tell the Trib they’re putting more money in other cities, partly because they’re nervous about property taxes.

‘Why I left.’ Google’s former head of international relations, now a Maine Democrat running for the U.S. Senate: “No longer can massive tech companies like Google be permitted to operate relatively free from government oversight.”
He tells The Washington Post he was forced out after pushing the company to commit to protecting human rights.
Personal information for thousands of patients at a Chicago hospital may have been compromised.
The Trib has named the hospital’s CEO one of its executives to watch in 2020.

When Jeopardy! was canceled. TV critic Aaron Barnhart revisits the show’s long-ago first incarnation …
 … ahead of tonight’s ABC News special on Jeopardy!
The jazz trumpeter who voiced classic Schoolhouse Rock! songs including Conjunction Junction and I’m Just a Bill is dead at 88.

‘If you ever get a chance to be a journalist, grab it and hold on tight. It is much, much better than having a real job.’ Gawker veteran Hamilton Nolan reflects on a decade in a profession in which “you won’t make much money, your best stories will be forgotten, and you’ll be doomed to constant disappointment and despair.”
Critic Robert Feder looks ahead to the year in Chicago media—including a sequel to 2009’s seminal Chicago Journalism Town Hall.

Thanks to reader Joanne Rosenbush for correcting the name of the song Conjunction Junction above.

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