Daylight craving / Dig this / From the South Side to the White House?

Daylight craving. The Illinois Senate is sending the House a bill to keep the state on daylight saving time year-round …

 … a plan hatched by downstate high school students.
Wired: A growing movement aims to abolish time zones altogether. (Photo: Harry Carmichael in the Chicago Public Square Flickr group.)

‘Uber and Lyft are screwing up Chicago’s transportation system.’ So, Streetsblog Chicago’s John Greenfield says, Mayor Lightfoot’s plan to add a tax to ride-hail fares would be good for the economy and the CTA.
Without offering evidence, Lightfoot accuses Uber of offering black ministers a $54 million payoff if they oppose her tax plan.
The Chicago Reporter asks: Why not tax the companies directly?

Dig this. Chicago law requires property owners or managers to clear snow from a 5-foot-wide swath of sidewalk in front of their buildings—seven days a week— and the city encourages you to report those who don’t.
A bipartisan research group dedicated to immigration reform rates Chicago America’s most immigrant-friendly big city.
 Lightfoot is proposing to require a wage increase for the city’s tipped workers—but not all the way to $15.

‘Facts are for liberal America-haters.’ The Tribune’s Rex Huppke translates “Fox-News-fever-swamp speak” at yesterday’s impeachment hearing into “traditional, fact-based English.”
CNN’s Brian Stelter: On Fox, it was “a bust. It was all just hearsay. … Impeachment is ‘stupid.’ Impeachment is ‘fake.’(Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
Poynter’s journalism critic, Tom Jones, gives a newspaper website the award for best TV coverage of the hearings.
The Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet credits Chicago-area Intelligence Committee members with a couple of zingers in Round One.
Vox on the hearing’s biggest moment: “Diplomat Bill Taylor dropped a bombshell.”

From the South Side to the White House? Deval Patrick, a Chicago-born Barack Obama pal and ex-Massachusetts governor, says he’s running for president …
 … which reminds us of this:
Patrick’s campaign comes courtesy of some big-dollar donors …
 … and it could bring some unwanted attention to his time at Mitt Romney’s old private-equity firm, Bain Capital …
 … which apparently scrubbed Patrick’s bio from its website this morning.

Look! Up in the sky! For the first time, a Chicago company has won federal approval to fly drones above human beings.
Plans for the city’s second-tallest building—next to Tribune Tower—get a do-over today.
A Chicago congressman wants to take control of “dangerous” Union Station away from Amtrak and give it to Metra.

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