Trump's coming / Scooter sunset / 'We lost a decade'

Trump’s coming. In his first visit to Chicago as president, Donald Trump is set to attend an Oct. 28 fundraiser hosted by Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts.
Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, got $500,000 from a firm co-founded by a Ukrainian-American businessman arrested last week on campaign finance charges—a firm, you may recall, named “Fraud Guarantee.”
Giuliani rejects fired White House national security adviser John Bolton’s reported contention that “Giuliani’s a hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up.” (Cartoons: Keith J. Taylor, whom you have just a few days to support in the Reader’s Best of Chicago poll.)
The Daily Beast: Trump suspects Bolton is behind the Ukraine leaks.
A federal judge in Chicago is blocking Trump’s crackdown on immigrants who use public benefits.

‘They were eating dinner when the shooting started.’ The Tribune’s Rex Huppke reflects on a shooting spree that left five people dead in a Chicago condo building Saturday and concludes, “That’s a pretty American sentence.”
A judge who ordered the suspect held without bail called the charges against him a description of “evil on steroids.”
A 3-year-old boy was in critical condition after being shot in the head while sitting in the back of a parked car late Sunday.

‘When I go to school meetings on the North Side … I see moms with strollers pushing the youngest one to drop off the older ones to school. And I’m envious. Because we’re supposed to have that opportunity for everyone in this city.’ A vice president of the Chicago Teachers Union explains why the union’s strike threat is about so much more than money.
On Mayor Lightfoot’s wish list for state lawmakers: More taxes on the sale of big office towers and hotels.
And she’s relaxing her position on limiting marijuana sales downtown.

Scooter sunset. As Chicago’s experiment with e-scooters ends, a study recommends it be extended citywide—but banned downtown.
CTA improvements are on the way for stations at State and Lake and at Austin.
Buying a used car? Check the recall record—especially at dealerships under the umbrella of AutoNation.

A memorable eulogy. Invited to speak at the funeral of a law professor who had sexually harassed her, Elizabeth Warren used the opportunity to share the story of his harassment.
Tonight’s Democratic presidential debate will stream live—paywall-free—on many internet platforms, as well as on CNN.
The candidates will have 75 seconds to answer and 45 seconds for rebuttals.

Guess who’s against ‘Medicare for all’? The Intercept reports “Investor-owned hospitals are leading the fight against the creation of a comprehensive, universal health care system.”
A public policy professor’s perspective for The Washington Post: How conservatives have scared Americans into supporting higher health-care costs.”

‘We lost a decade.’ For the first time in years, Florida’s Republican lawmakers are uttering the words “sea-level rise”—publicly acknowledging a need to address the climate crisis.
Robots, drones and other high-tech tools are helping Illinois farmers cope with the impact of this year’s heavy spring rains and flooding. (Photo: One Illinois/Ted Cox.)
A woman who teaches people how to care for chickens in Chicago’s climate is among those crying foul about an ordinance that would outlaw residential roosters and limit household hens.

‘ABC News regrets the error.’ The network has tweeted out an apology for airing video that purportedly depicted a Turkish attack on civilians in Syria but that actually showed a Kentucky gun range in 2017.
The difference between ABC’s goof and “fake news”: “It’s acknowledged and corrected.”
To keep watching over-the-air (free-by-antenna) TV, you’ll need to rescan your channels Friday.

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Thursday’s edition of Chicago Public Square messed up. The photo that accompanied a link to an article about Lake Shore Drive instead depicted Columbus Drive. The error was Meyerson’s, not that of ace photographer Harry Carmichael. Thanks to Todd Bannor for reporting the goof.
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