About that name / Fuzzy on impeachment? / Abortion showdown

About that name. The Beachwood Reporter’s Steve Rhodes doesn’t get why the Museum of Science and Industry agreed to rename itself after Illinois’ richest person, Ken Griffin: “I wonder if the museum people ever thought, ‘Hey, $125 million is nice, but we are not changing our name!’”

Twitter reaction curated by the Tribune: I would rename myself anything Ken Griffin wanted for way less.” (Photo: Marco Verch.)
A Trib editorial thanks Griffin for his donation …
 … news of which was the most-clicked link by far in yesterday’s Chicago Public Square.
 A Chicago technology CEO and his wife died in a San Francisco traffic accident.

Building concern. Architecture critic Blair Kamin has doubts about one of Mayor Lightfoot’s nominees to the city’s landmarks commission: The president of an organization whose directors include leaders of companies that frequently seek the commission’s favor.
Illinois’ billionaire governor is chipping in $850,000 of his own cash to renovate the governor’s mansion in Springfield.

Fuzzy on impeachment? A growing number of news organizations have launched tools to track all the dizzying developments: The New York Times has a new Impeachment Briefing email newsletter and CNN has “The top 10 latest developments on Trump, Ukraine and China and “The latest on the Trump impeachment inquiry.”
CNN’s Chris Cillizza: Trump’s request for Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden “wasn’t a bug of this administration. It was a feature[missing link added]
 … witness the president’s fresh similar request of China.
Stephen Colbert: “Trump knows if something’s bad, you don’t admit it in public. So, if he admits it in public it must not be bad.” (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor, who deserves your support in the Reader’s Best of Chicago poll.)
The Democrat leading the House Intelligence Committee investigation, Adam Schiff, told a Northwestern University audience yesterday the latest developments constitute “one of the most pernicious threats to our democracy.”
The Washington Post reports Schiff lied last month when he said his committee hadn’t spoken to a whistleblower.
Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who last week labeled one of Trump’s tweets “beyond repugnant,” says now that he still backs the president and doesn’t support impeachment.
The Post: “A squadron of pro-Trump television personalities, talk radio hosts, conservative blogs, fringe Facebook groups and Twitter accounts” is helping the president keep Republican lawmakers in line.
The Times’ David Leonhardt says he’s optimistic: “Things are going quite poorly for Donald Trump” …
 … and now he has Nickelback to contend with.
Despite Colbert’s assertion Trump stole the idea from him, Trump’s apparently had “alligator-moat dreams” for at least 35 years.

McCooking the books? The Village of McCook is shedding a little light on what federal agents wanted when they raided the offices of the town’s mayor and Cook County Commissioner Jeff Tobolski.
Speaking of dirt: For the first time in two years, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District dumped raw sewage into Lake Michigan to keep it from overwhelming sewer systems early Thursday.

One down. A Chicago jury last night convicted one man of first-degree murder in the shooting death of a 9-year-old boy, and a second jury was to resume deliberations today in the case against a co-defendant.
Dozens of Humboldt Park neighbors took to the street last night to protest a rash of gun violence.
A new Trader Joe’s opens in Chicago Oct. 18.

Abortion showdown. The Supreme Court has agreed to review Louisana’s draconian abortion restrictions—raising the prospect of a divisive ruling in the heat of the 2020 election campaign.
Planned Parenthood is opening a massive Illinois center just across the river from the state of Missouri, which is close to becoming the first state with no abortion clinics.

‘It’s good to see DC … stop trying to make a Marvel movie.’ Rivet’s Rob LaFrentz reviews the new film about Batman’s nemesis, Joker.
Critic Michael Phillips: “You’d be an idiot to bring kids to this.”

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