An impeachment editorial / Illinois gun-law overhaul? / Carriage returns

An editorial. Chicago Public Square’s first editorial concludes it’s go time on impeachment for Donald Trump.
Harvard Law prof Cass Sunstein: “If the president has clearly committed an impeachable offense, the House of Representatives is not entitled to look the other way.”
Nearly two-thirds of the House Democratic caucus now back some kind of action on impeachment, and the list is growing fast.
The Washington Post: Speaker Pelosi has been sounding out allies and lawmakers on whether the time has come.
CNN’s Brian Stelter: “The impeachment terrain is shifting.”
David Leonhardt in The New York Times: Democrats “standing by and complaining, while refusing to use the constitutional power at their disposal, could leave American voters wondering whether Trump’s behavior is really so bad after all.”
Trump confirms he withheld military aid from Ukraine—a week before a phone call in which he allegedly pressured the country’s president to investigate Joe Biden’s son.
A Fox News analyst says the Ukraine charges are “far more serious than what Bob Mueller dug … up against him.”
The Tribune’s Rex Huppke says Trump’s pulling a reverse Nixon: “I am a crook!
Politico’s Jack Shafer: “Trump has got to be hoping House Democrats toss him in the impeachment patch.”
Happy National Voter Registration Day.

Trump trolls Greta Thunberg. The president sent a sarcastic tweet at the 16-year-old environmental activist …

 … who yesterday thundered at the United Nations for inaction on the climate crisis: “How dare you?” …
 … and who then shot Trump what BuzzFeed News dubs “a death stare.”
Fox News is apologizing after a guest called Thunberg “mentally ill.”
Trump says he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor, whose credit line was missing from yesterday’s Square.)
See Trump’s address to the U.N. General Assembly today—in which his overarching message was: Every nation for itself.

Illinois gun-law overhaul? The House has formed a gun violence task force charged with remaking all the ways the state regulates firearms.
A Michigan Avenue restaurant was hit by gunfire yesterday afternoon.

Remember when bars and restaurants wanted to keep letting customers smoke? The Illinois Restaurant Association is opposing a plan to legalize marijuana consumption in their establishments.
Politico’s Shia Kapos: As recreational pot becomes legal in Illinois, cities across the state are trying to stifle where it’s sold …
 … and at least one suburb feels threatened by another.
A new path along Chicago’s riverfront spotlights the area’s historic assets.

‘Our people came to work, they aren’t criminals.’ A customer at a Chicago pizzeria raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement is among those outraged by the detainment of five workers.
A Chicago congregation is on edge after a group led by a troglodytic California radio host descended on their church, declaring it the epicenter of “the undermining of America.”
A Chicago congressman accuses ICE of “declaring war on our neighborhoods.”

Carriage returns. A new exhibit at the Chicago’s American Writers Museum spotlights the history and, maybe, the resurgence of the typewriter.
Motown founder Berry Gordy is retiring at 89.

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