'We avoided tragedy' / 'Ya basta!' / 'A f__king mess'

‘We avoided tragedy.’ But an FBI agent says it was a close call yesterday, as a man opened fire at a Chicago VA hospital.
A coalition of activist groups is condemning a Chicago police “gun crimes dashboard”—complaining that “99% of the people listed … are not accused of hurting anyone.”

Hey, Chicago city workers … Mayor Lightfoot’s vowing a crackdown on employees abusing family leave or otherwise not giving taxpayers a full workday.
 Updating: A study concludes five potential sites for a Chicago casino are “not feasible.”

Ya basta!Those are the closing Spanish words in an ad Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro has bought on Fox News to address one person specifically: Donald Trump.
A Sun-Times editorial paraphrases the president’s latest immigration moves: “Give us your PhD’s, your sports stars, your supermodels yearning to be free.”
A civil liberties lawyer counts off 20 ways Trump is copying Hitler’s early moves.
Portland, Oregon, is wary of a far-right rally and counterprotests planned for Saturday.

‘We are on the verge of an unstoppable crisis.’ A University of Michigan study warns the marauding Asian carp could indeed do what some experts have doubted: Find plenty of food in Lake Michigan.

Environmental groups and at least two states are threatening to sue over Trump administration plans to weaken the Endangered Species Act—despite a United Nations report warning as many as a million species face extinction worldwide. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

Plastic zag. Acknowledging growing concern about plastic pollution, Coca-Cola will begin selling Dasani water in aluminum containers.
The Field Museum is now serving a beer based on a recipe from the year of its founding: 1893.
Gov. Pritzker has signed a bill making the state’s legalization of medical marijuana permanent.

‘ … but she died 28 years ago.’ Illinois Supreme Court Justice Scott Neville is under scrutiny for claiming a tax break on a place in which he doesn’t live—and, NBC 5 reports, for which his deceased mother is listed as the owner.
 Pritzker has appointed a task force to reduce abuse of the elderly.

‘Women have authority, because weak, lazy, cowardly, men GIVE them authority.’ That’s just one of the “sexist, racist” social media posts by a Concordia University Chicago board member whose ouster is the aim of an online campaign by Concordia alumni.
The petition: His words “incite hatred of generations, hatred of women, hatred of men, hatred of people who are ‘different.’”
 And he considers cats “satanic ‘fur-babies.’

‘Masturbation attacks.’ A federal judge has cleared [clarifying] given a go-ahead to class-action lawsuits by female employees and public defenders at Cook County Jail complaining about inmates’ indecent behavior.
Opera star Placido Domingo is accused of pressuring women into sexual relationships and punishing those who refused.

‘It’s a joke.’ The son of a man allegedly murdered by an Uber driver isn’t satisfied with Lyft’s payment of a $10,000 fine for failing to notify Uber and others of the driver’s violent history.
New development means more packed CTA cars for Blue Line riders.

‘A f__king mess.’ The New York Times’ executive editor—a Chicago Tribune alumnus—spoke frankly yesterday to staffers about a widely condemned Trump headline and other controversies.
Vanity Fair: “Trump aggravates the Times’s long-running identity crisis.”

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