Joe30330 / 'Shame on them' / Impossible Burger King

Joe30330. Joe Biden went out of last night’s debate with a dud as he flubbed a pitch for support in his closing statement.
USA Today: A college student won the race to turn Biden’s goof into a website,

The Verge: “Obama, come collect your grandpa.” (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
USA Today’s top moments of the debate include conflicts between Biden and Corey Booker, who accused Biden of “dipping into the Kool-Aid and you don’t even know the flavor” …
 … a phrase The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah mocked: “You know what’s cool about being black? You can make up phrases and white people don’t even know if it’s real.”
Read a transcript of the debate …
 … and fact-checks from CNN and NBC.

‘Bernie Sanders was Robin to Elizabeth Warren’s Batman.’ That’s ex-Chicago Mayor Emanuel’s take on Round One of this week’s debates …
 … and Emanuel told Stephen Colbert last night that he’s not done with politics.

‘An impeachment inquiry is the only option Congress has left.’ In commentary for the Tribune, U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley of Chicago argues against waiting to indict the president when he’s out of office.
A majority of House Democrats now side with Quigley.
A Michigan man has been cruising a loud parade-style pro-Trump float down Chicago’s streets.
Politico: Illinois Republicans’ strategy for 2020 is basically “President ... who?
The Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet explains how Illinois Democrats got a Republican Senate intent on making the federal judiciary more conservative to approve a Democratic LGBTQ judge.

‘Shame on them.’ Gov. Pritzker is ordering his administration to investigate wealthy parents who’ve surrendered custody of college-bound students so the kids can land state financial aid.
A Sun-Times editorial: “It’s all legal. And it’s a scam.”
The Wall Street Journal: The woman who launched the scheme started her business in a Chicago suburb.
Neighbors of Lincoln Park’s prestigious Francis W. Parker School—yearly tuition ranging up to $39,200—are upset the school is snatching up area condos.

‘One’s history should not dictate one’s future.’ A new law signed by Pritzker forbids employers from asking applicants about their pay history …
 … and another makes it easier for those with criminal records to get jobs in health care.
Trump administration rules threaten to deprive 100,000 Illinoisans of food stamps.
The Trib’s Cindy Dampier introduces you to the people working to kick Chicago out of Illinois.

This guy. Police and the CTA have released photos and video of a man wanted in connection with a string of phone thefts on CTA trains and platforms.
Chicago police report murders and shootings through the end of July are at a four-year low.
The state reports 129 scooter-related Chicago emergency room visits since the city’s e-scooter trial began.

Not-so-local Lolla. As Lollapalooza launches in Chicago today, the Sun-Times notes only eight of the 142 artists scheduled are based here …
 … a concern Mayor Lightfoot spotlighted in an interview with the Trib.
The nearby Lurie Children’s Hospital is on alert for a spike in sick underage drinkers.
Why earplugs should be de rigueur at the fest.
Transit options to and from Lolla.

Not so high on avoiding ethical conflict. A cannabis company is hiring the wife of a state lawmaker who shepherded marijuana legalization through the Illinois House.
The hiree is a sibling of former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Impossible Burger King. The plant-based Impossible Whopper goes nationwide next week—even as the company that makes it struggles to keep up with demand…
 … with help from a food producer based in Aurora.
Humboldt Park’s alligator has its own beer.

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