Unsurprising / White flight / Cross fit

Unsurprising. The Tribune’s John Kass says the FBI’s raid on the ward office of Chicago’s second-most-senior alderman, Carrie Austin, was just a matter of time.

The raid came as she was attending a news conference with the mayor …
 … where she was saying—with apparently unintentional irony— “Today is a day truly that God has made because he made us the star of the show.”
Nostalgia from WBEZ’s Dan Mihalopoulos: Austin “gave one of the most stirring and impassioned defenses of nepotism that City Hall has seen.”
She inherited her seat from her deceased husband and has repeatedly defended nepotism.
A Trib editorial: Austin’s been “consistently on the wrong side of transparency.”

‘Long overdue.’ The Sun-Times’ Mary Mitchell hails discussion in the U.S. House on reparations for the descendants of American slaves.
Author Ta-Nehisi Coates told the hearing, “It is impossible to imagine America without the inheritance of slavery.”

‘You don’t joke about calling black men boys.’ Presidential candidate Cory Booker is among those condemning Joe Biden for bragging about his “civility” with segregationists in the Senate. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
Candidate Pete Buttigieg faces what a South Bend community organizer calls “his nightmare”: A white South Bend cop who shot and killed a black man Sunday.
A freshman Chicago-area congressman and a veteran colleague from the city are joining a small group of Democrats supporting a baby step toward putting Donald Trump on trial.
Columnist Neil Steinberg shares the latest hate mail he’s received from one of “the people we let take charge,” a man who signs off with the words “God bless America & our glorious president.”

White flight. WBEZ: The Chicago metro area has lost more white residents than any other racial group.
Illinois is one of only two states over the last five years to lose population—including a drain of white and black residents from Cook County …
 … although the county’s African American population still exceeds that of any other U.S. county.
Reform-oriented Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi has been asking county commissioners to share staff to deal with a rush of calls from citizens getting their next tax bills, but the Sun-Times says the answer has been, “Yeah, we’re pretty busy.”
The Daily Herald: “More than 71,000 people collecting public pensions from six statewide retirement plans have moved out of Illinois, taking more than $2.4 billion annually with them.”

Cross fit. Reversing a lower court decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 7-2 that a giant cross in Maryland can continue to stand on public land, maintained by taxpayer money.
It’s a win for the American Legion and a defeat for the American Humanist Association, which contended “a huge cross such as this can only be understood as endorsing Christianity.” (Photo: Ken Firestone.)

‘I don’t know if we’ve ever reached the end of May with less than half of our corn planted.’ A University of Illinois crop sciences professor says the record rains drowning Midwest farms are extraordinary.
A veteran Illinois state climatologist: “I never saw a growing season quite like this one.”
Ignoring urgent warnings of a climate crisis, the Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency is easing up on pollution from coal-fired plants.
Chicago’s cold, wet weather is crimping beach time and swimming lessons.

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