'Awful' / CTA shooter sought / Net win

Hard to believe we’ve been through three of these together. It’s another National Invite Someone to Subscribe to Chicago Public Square Day. Please spread the word to friends, enemies and people about whom you’re ambivalent, won’t you? And now the news:

‘Awful.’ That’s one of the reader reactions to an Orlando Sentinel editorial endorsing “not Donald Trump” for the presidency in 2020.

The Sentinel reports Trump’s reelection kickoff failed to fill Orlando’s Amway Center to capacity.
The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman has eight takeaways from Trump’s rally. No. 2: “Hello darkness, my old friend.”
He told an average of one lie every 15 minutes.
Neil Steinberg in the Sun-Times: “Time to … acknowledge something I have not previously recognized: what a good liar, bully and fraud Donald Trump really is.”
Today marks 100 days without an on-camera White House news briefing.
A reporter who covered Bill Clinton’s impeachment: “Impeachment would backfire on Democrats, right? Not if they do it right.”

‘Elizabeth Warren can do it.’ The Tribune’s Mary Schmich is betting Elizabeth Warren “will be among the top two contenders” in the Democratic race for president.
Warren is “a savvy politician who appeals to working people, and who can get stuff done,” according to Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow …
 … who was, coincidentally, interviewed on a Chicago Public Square podcast in March.
The Times asked the same 18 questions of 21 Democrats running for president.

‘That’s just going to happen.’ Mayor Lightfoot is brushing off criticism of her trips to hobnob with celebrities and politicians on the coasts, telling the Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet: “From time to time I’m going to leave town. … And if people look askance at that, so be it.”
Lightfoot’s launching a summer program to keep kids in gun-prone neighborhoods out of trouble.

CTA shooter sought. Chicago police are seeking this guy for the shooting and wounding of three people on a CTA bus Monday night.
Police say a Wicker Park robber chats up victims before flashing a gun.
A WGN-TV reporter says covering the city’s mayhem for decades has left her with post-traumatic stress.
Someone’s been smearing poop on cars in Bridgeport.

‘A terrible, terrible environment.’ A lawyer who represents people who work for a company that moderates malfeasance on Facebook tells The Verge, I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to work there.” (The accompanying advisory: “This story contains descriptions of violent acts against people and animals, accounts of sexual harassment and post-traumatic stress disorder, and other potentially disturbing content.”)
People with autism are finding new opportunities in Chicago’s tech sector.
Gig business: The largest office tenant in downtown Chicago is a provider of flexible, short-term work space.

Anti-vax cash. The Washington Post reports a New York couple tied to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community has fueled the anti-vaccine movement with millions in donations.
ProPublica: A Trump-driven tax break to benefit impoverished “opportunity zones” is instead benefitting Under Armour’s definitely not-impoverished billionaire CEO Kevin Plank.
Also from ProPublica: How Teach for America Evolved Into an Arm of the Charter School Movement.”

Net win. Before the end of the season, the White Sox plan to become the first major-league team to extend protective netting to the corners of the outfield.
Cubs players like the idea.

Jeopardy! dividend. The Naperville Sun: A woman raising money to fight the same cancer threatening host Alex Trebek got a donation in a very specific amount from Naperville native and deposed Jeopardy! champ James Holzhauer.
Critic Richard Roeper: Toy Story 4 “knows just … when to deliver those moments guaranteed to put a lump in your throat.”

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