Apple's appeal / Chicago's fireball / 'Daddy, is my name on that list?'

Apple’s appeal. The Supreme Court says customers can sue Apple over its monopolistic grip and excessive prices on the App Store …
 … in a ruling that aligned four liberal justices with conservative newbie Brett Kavanaugh.
BuzzFeed News: “A Multimillion-Dollar Startup Tried To Cover Up Its CEO’s Sexual Misconduct. Then The Truth Came Out.”

‘The planet’s on f__king fire.’ In HBO video posted free online, Science Guy Bill Nye (make-believe) lost his temper explaining the urgency of government action to fight climate change.
The Tribune: Illinois lawmakers hope to be Green New Deal … makers.
National Review’s Heather Wilhelm: “The F-bomb has officially entered the realm of the hopelessly banal.”

Chicago’s fireball. A meteor that blazed through the skies over Chicago Friday (around 11:44:40 p.m.) was caught on many an east-facing security camera.
It may have wound up near South Bend.

‘We envision many problems.’ An advocate for the blind is among those concerned about Chicago’s imminent embrace of electric scooters.
Chicago’s revamped lakefront bike paths won’t enforce speed limits.
Chicago’s Riverwalk season opens today with nine new vendors.

What should Boeing do? The Sun-Times’ Neil Steinberg says the company’s Chicago HQ team could begin by acknowledging “the central role neglect and bumbling” had in two fatal 737 Max 8 crashes.
Boeing shares took a tumble in early trading today on speculation China might single the company out in an evolving trade war with the Trump administration …
 … the impact of which could show up within weeks on the things you buy.

‘Daddy, is my name on that list?’ A University of Notre Dame professor says his 6-year-old’s confused reaction to the reading of names of school shooting victims has haunted him with the concept of “a List of Children to be Shot.”
Leaked documents reveal what Splinter calls “some pretty insane spending” at the National Rifle Association.

Quid est quod fuit. Doris Day, the actress and singer well remembered for her hit Que Sera Sera, is dead at 97 …
 … and someone didn’t take long to deface her Wikipedia page.

Now it’s ‘the award-winning Chicago Public Square.’ The prize for Best Radio Newscast at Friday night’s Chicago Headline Club Peter Lisagor Awards for Exemplary Journalism went to last year’s Square newscast series …
 … which is a tribute to Square supporters including Robert Clifford, Tom O’Malley, Jeannie Affelder and Cynthia Farenga, whose contributions make such projects possible.
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