'A stubborn, bullying, moneyed ass' / History in peril / Chicago's top restaurants

‘A stubborn, bullying, moneyed ass.’ The Beachwood Reporter’s Steve Rhodes dissects (maybe eviscerates) Mayor Emanuel’s legacy.

Mayor-elect Lightfoot’s campaign is being secretive about who’s paying for her inaugural festivities.
A Chicago alderman-elect who slew a political dynasty in a cliffhanger recount talks to the Sun-Times’ Mark Brown.

‘To address the harms being done to primarily black and brown men, what are we doing to black and brown women?’ A leader in the movement to reduce domestic violence tells the Tribune Cook County’s lowering of bonds for the accused is putting more victims at risk of getting attacked again.
Murders and shootings in Chicago continued a decline in April.
 Developing coverage: Five people—including two judges—have been shot in Indianapolis.

Blackface in the spotlight. Yesterday’s protest by hundreds of Homewood-Flossmoor High School students upset about their school’s reaction to a racist incident drew national coverage from the likes of CBS News and The Washington Post.
Alumni of a Jesuit Chicago high school want to know more about why a gay teacher was fired two years ago.

History in peril. Developing: Landmarks Illinois today announces its Most Endangered Historic Places for 2019—a list that was to appear here after 11 a.m.
Compare it with the 2018 list.

Words to live by. “Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority spokeswoman Lisa Battiston … warned against interacting with wild animals on a train.”
Falling concrete at Chicago’s Union Station delayed Metra trains today.
July brings the end of the line for Amtrak’s Chicago-to-Indianapolis train service …
 … but Democrats and the president have agreed—tentatively—on a $2 trillion plan to upgrade the nation’s transportation, air travel and broadband internet systems.

Barr room. Updating coverage: At Square’s email transmission deadline, U.S. Attorney General William Barr was testifying before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee about special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the 2016 presidential campaign.
Watch video of Barr’s testimony.
He’ll face a more hostile room if he goes before the House Judiciary Committee.
Esquire’s Charlie Pierce: “… then he must be impeached.”
Read Mueller’s letter to Barr complaining about Barr’s handling of the report.

Raise your hand if you think the words Facebook and privacy clash. And yet founder Mark Zuckerberg sees the company’s updated mission this way: “The future is private” …
 … and so, it’s encouraging you to trust it with your “secret crush.”
Facebook’s getting a facelift to match.

Wrigley cum Cleveland. A new Netflix movie set in Chicago and at Wrigley Field was filmed mostly in Ohio.
The Sun-Times’ Richard Roeper gives Netflix’s documentary on the rise of U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez four stars.

Chicago’s top restaurants. The Trib’s Phil Vettel updates his twice-a-year rundown of the city’s “most intriguing and interesting” eateries …
 … and here’s the Trib’s list of 20 restaurants serving Chicago’s best french fries for under $5.

‘I felt very relaxed.’ Columnist Mary Schmich tries her first CBD (cannabidiol) oil-infused berry shake.
Burger King plans to sell the meatless Impossible Whopper nationwide by the end of the year …
 … as McDonald’s watches and waits.

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