$1 billion / 'Inept' / Rickettses lose one

$1 billion. That’s how much The New York Times says President Trump’s businesses lost over a decade—more than any other individual U.S. taxpayer …

 … raising the prospect of fraud investigations of the president
 … and giving new life to a 2012 Trump tweet about people who don’t pay their taxes.
Charlie Pierce in Esquire: “I don’t care … whether or not this undermines the president’s ‘image’ as a financial genius. Anybody who still believed that should not be allowed to cut their own meat anyway.”
Ratcheting up constitutional tension, Trump is invoking executive privilege to block release of the full special counsel's report on the 2016 election.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who’s resisted a push to impeach Trump, says he’s pulling himself into the process and “becoming self-impeachable.”

Falwell from grace. Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr.—the guy who over the weekend suggested Trump deserves an extra two years in office as “reparations” for that nasty special counsel investigation—had a “racy photo” problem that President Trump’s then-fixer, the now-jailed Michael Cohen, just happens to have helped Falwell fix.
Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall’s take: “Morally censorious Liberty University chief poobah and his wife suddenly strike up a friendship with a pool boy on a trip to Miami and decide they like him so much that they were flying him on private jets and investing almost $2 million in giving him a start at life.”

Lightfoot’s Ivanka moment. After meeting the president’s daughter yesterday in Washington, Chicago’s mayor-elect said she stressed a need for federal help improving Chicago’s mass-transit and road systems. (White House photo.)
A pioneer in Chicago-area integration efforts is dead at 80.

‘Inept.’ Cook County’s public guardian tells the Tribune a new audit of Illinois’ child welfare agency confirms it’s “not doing its job at every stage of a case and at every level.”
An inspector general’s office report finds the Chicago Public Library “failing in its mission.”
A Better Government Association investigation of Mayor Emanuel’s pledge to bring recycling to Chicago’s big buildings concludes his crackdown on those who haven’t been doing it “has largely failed.”

One was a girl. Updating coverage: Police say two students accused of killing a classmate at a Denver-area school used at least two handguns—and, contrary to initial reports, one of the suspects is female.
It happened just minutes away from the scene of the Columbine High School shooting 20 years ago.
After shots were fired near a River North club in Chicago early today, police say, a Rolls Royce crashed on the Ontario feeder ramp to the Kennedy Expressway.

Bus stop. A bus company fined $100,000 for racist and discriminatory practices as it shuttled people between Champaign-Urbana and the Chicago area has abruptly and sarcastically ceased operations.
Uber and Lyft rides may be in short supply today in Chicago and around the country as drivers protest.
A lawmaker is proposing CTA-level fares on the Metra Electric line to boost ridership and South Side and South Shore development.
The South Loop is getting bike-lane upgrades.
Developing: The CTA is set to announce an expansion of free Wi-Fi at downtown Red and Blue Line stations.
Ex-Mayor Daley’s decision to sell Chicago’s parking meters to private investors is paying off nicely—for the investors.

The Rickettses lose one. A challenge to the narrow reelection of Ald. James Cappleman, who was opposed by the family that owns the Cubs, is over—resolving one of two remaining disputed City Council contests.
The Cubs are investigating—and may ban permanently—a fan who made a racist hand gesture behind a black TV reporter on the air last night.

Great Lakes rising. Water levels could hit record levels this summer—good news for shippers, but maybe not so good for lakefront property owners.
A survey of European fund managers concludes oil companies will be bad investments within five years.

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