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Colbert 1, Fox 0. In a spirited debate on CBS with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Stephen Colbert’s in-show fact-check caught Wallace in an immigration falsehood.
The Sun-Times’ Neil Steinberg: “The immigration policies of the Trump administration … are not only deeply hateful. Not only immoral. Not only bad for immigrants. They’re also bad for the country.”
And, by the way, HuffPost reports, “Cop Killer In Trump Video Returned To U.S. During The Bush Administration.”

Undercounted by at least one. President Trump blames “two maniacs” for slowing Republican momentum into next week’s election.
Vanity Fair’s Joe Pompeo concludes Trump coverage has become CNN’s “gold rush,” while transforming the network into “a 24/7 platform for our national psychosis.”
Media Matters: Trump’s rise has shown media are ill-prepared to handle a serial liar as president.”

Where to vote. Ready to cast a ballot this weekend? The updated Square election guide is here to help.
At the heart of the push to help voters cast smarter ballots is a Chicago-born firm: BallotReady.
This vote for Cook County judges could prove historic—partly because of “more interest than ever … among younger people.”
A college freshman who’s declared herself part of the “Massacre Generation” says she voted, “hoping that weeks, years, decades from now I’d be able to remember that we changed.”
Vote in Illinois—or not—and get into the Field Museum free Election Day.

Another voting deadline looms. Next Friday’s the last day to vote in a poll to select Illinois’ Top 10 historic leaders.
A Tribune editorial: “Let’s stop naming things for politicians.”

Workers behaving badly.
Surveillance video shows CTA drivers urinating and defecating on their own buses.
An ex-Chicago Public Schools worker is charged with stealing the personal information of 80,000 district workers, volunteers and vendors.
A Chicago cop with a long history of trouble is getting sued in the brutal beating of two men while he was off-duty
… with another off-duty cop from Oak Park.
Did your company make the Tribune’s new list of top workplaces?

A tragicomic comic. In the Guardian, the First Dog on the Moon comic strip explores the question “Why didn’t humanity save the planet? Perhaps they were busy.”
The City of Chicago has taken its sweet time revealing dangerously high lead content in some homes’ water.

Not so cool. The former home of Chicago’s celebrated Double Door music club will become a store for cooler maker Yeti.
South Side Chicagoans are pleading with Target not to close two stores: “We have to try and do everything we can to keep them open.”

‘Weird! And fantastic!’ The Sun-Times’ Richard Roeper gives four stars to Amazon’s new TV series, Homecoming, based on a podcast and starring Julia Roberts.
Dish TV subscribers are the victims in a corporate tug-of-war that has cut them off from HBO and Cinemax.

Personal note. As of this fall, your Square publisher has been at this website business in one form or another for 20 years. Here’s a look back at that seminal effort.
While we’re in rewind mode: An exhaustive 2005 step-by-step guide to falling back for Central Standard Time.

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