Florida history / New Divvy stations / Hog horror

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Florida history. In a big upset, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum has won the Democratic primary race to become the state’s first black nominee for governor
… after a campaign in which he championed Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage and a legal war on gun lobbyists.
NBC News: Takeaways from Florida and Arizona’s primaries—the final major round of the year.
Florida’s attorney general co-hosted a Fox News show for three days while on the public payroll.

Shot down. Ex-Arizona Rep. Don Shooter, expelled for sexual harassment, predicted he’d get his old job back easily in after yesterday’s voting. He didn’t.
Transphobic blowhard Alex Jones was caught with transgender porn on his phone
… featuring this performer, who’s offering him “a free membership to my site.”

New Divvy stations. Chicago and Evanston are getting 39 new bike-sharing terminals. (Photo: Brian Crawford in the Chicago Public Square Flickr group. Share your photos here, too.)
Does your GPS go out when you go underground in downtown Chicago? That’s about to end.
The CTA is killing its 31st Street bus route. Update: 31st Street bus route gets a reprieve.
Gov. Rauner has reluctantly agreed to use Volkswagen emissions scandal lawsuit-settlement cash for electric car charging stations and for less-polluting trains, trucks and school buses.

Talking like Trump. The Sun-Times’ Mark Brown says mayoral candidate Willie Wilson has stopped taking questions about why he voted for the president, but he seems to be modeling his campaign on Trump’s.
Barack Obama made a surprise visit to Chicago Tuesday.
He’ll be honored with a Los Angeles road renamed for him.

Pot vs. addiction. Gov. Rauner has signed a law letting Illinois doctors prescribe medical cannabis instead of highly addictive opioid painkillers.
Illinois parents are struggling to get diapers for their kids.
Blue in the crosshairs: Illinois and the federal government are suspending automatic Medicare and Medicaid enrollments with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, citing poor performance on things like “appeals and grievance issues.”

‘Finally, a funeral Trump can attend.’ News that Trump supporter Roseanne Barr’s character will be killed off in her eponymous TV show prompted Conan O’Brien to zing the president for his disinvitation to services for Sen. John McCain.
The Onion: White House Flag Now Moving Minute To Minute To Indicate Trump’s Mood.”
First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams: Keep (Trump’s) government out of Google searches.
BuzzFeed News: Russia Secretly Ran News Websites.”

Hog horror. The Tribune’s Eric Zorn comes to a shocking realization about the nursery rhyme that begins “This little piggy went to market.” (Photo: David Goehring.)
The world’s largest hog herd is at risk of a new outbreak of the deadly African swine fever.

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