By Trump divided / Pointed debate / Foo fought

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By Trump divided. President Trump’s visit to Southern Illinois last week exposed the state’s political schisms—and a coffee shop was caught in the middle. (Photos: Ted Cox and Zachary Sigelko, One Illinois.)
Vox’s Ezra Klein takes a hard look at U.S. demographic shifts—what he calls “the browning of America”—and concludes the threat whites feel is “the crucial context uniting the core political conflicts of this era.”
The mayor of the south suburb of Tinley Park is joining religious leaders in condemning KKK flyers as “flat-out disgusting and evil.”

‘Centrist Democrats are out of ideas.’ Vox’s Matthew Yglesias concludes that, as the party shifts leftward, those in the middle “are bringing a knife to a gunfight.”
BuzzFeed News: A major network of conservative donors affiliated with billionaire Charles Koch is backing away from the Republican Party—as Koch says he regrets supporting some Republicans.
A Democratic Chicago-area congressional candidate used the game-streaming website Twitch to raise a few thousand bucks.

Pointed debate. Should Chicago cops be required to document every time they aim a gun at someone? That’s a thing on which Mayor Emanuel and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan do not agree.
Anti-violence protesters planning to shut down Lake Shore Drive Thursday on a march to Wrigley Field are part of what the Tribune’s Mary Wisniewski calls “a national and international trend of using transportation infrastructure as a stage.”
In Oak Park, eight people were being questioned after reports of shots fired in a house prompted a SWAT team response.

Valapalooza. A weekend of mourning for beloved record store owner Val Camilletti isn’t the end. FitzGerald’s Night Club will host a memorial event Sept. 1.
A GoFundMe campaign seeks help managing her estate and keeping Val’s Halla open. (Photo: Meyerson in the Chicago Public Square Flickr group. Join now!)
From 2005, a WTTW Chicago Tonight profile of Camilletti by Bob Sirott.

Foo fought. The Tribune’s Bob Gendron reviews last night’s concert at Wrigley Field.
Mindful of the massacre at a Las Vegas music festival, increased security for this year’s Lollapalooza in Chicago includes SWAT teams with sniper capability and inspection of every hotel room with a view of Grant Park.

‘Pedophile detecting machine.’ That was the premise with which satirist Sacha Baron Cohen trolled former Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore last night on Showtime.
See a five-minute clip.

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