Union tower / Big night ahead / Endangered wieners

Union tower. Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin analyzes newly revealed plans for a hotel atop the historic main building of Chicago’s Union Station.

… a design that has been drawing outrage and mockery on the Chicago Public Square Facebook page. (Rendering: Solomon Cordwell Buenz.)

Expressway protest. Chicago’s firebrand Father Michael Pfleger plans to shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway with a gun violence protest July 7.
Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell fears “shutting down the expressway is going to make a lot of people angry” and “someone … will plow through the crowd.”

Principals bounced. In the growing investigation of sexual abuse at Chicago Public Schools, two prominent administrators have been yanked from their jobs.
The death of an autistic student in a Chicago school swimming pool has prompted the school system to increase the number of lifeguards per student.

‘Election year pandering on steroids.’ Mayor Emanuel’s plan to resurrect the Chicago Department of Housing, disbanded 10 years ago, is drawing fire from his challengers—including Paul Vallas.
Chicago's minimum wage increases Sunday.

Now it’s a crowd. Illinois’ Trump-aligned State Sen. Sam McCann has filed to run for governor as the Conservative Party candidate—boxing Gov. Rauner between J.B. Pritzker to the left and McCann to the right.
Among the other independent and third-party candidates who filed Monday: an Antioch man who—if he survives petition challenges—would be listed as “Jackson, Grayson Kash formerly known as Benjamin Adam Winderweedle until name changed on Aug. 29, 2017.”
Of 12 Illinois counties with more than 7.6 emergency overdose visits per 10,000 residents, all went to Trump in 2016. (Link corrected.)

Big night ahead. Vox rounds up the key primary races in New York, Colorado, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah.
NBC News: Seven storylines to watch.
BuzzFeed News: “The insurgent, militant, leftist wing of the Democratic Party … have two chances to win.”

A Trump win. Developing coverage: In its first substantive ruling on President Trump's immigration policy, the Supreme Court has upheld his ban on travel from several mostly Muslim countries—rejecting objections it discriminated against Muslims and exceeded his authority.

‘Rousting Cabinet members from restaurants is an empty … gesture that won’t change a thing.’ Count former Obama strategist David Axelrod among those who think removing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders from a restaurant was a bad idea.
The New Yorker’s Adam Gopnik: “Someone who has decided to make it her public role … to support, with pretended piety, the acts of a public person of unparalleled personal cruelty—well, that person has asked us in advance to exclude her from our common meal.”
After Trump supporters booed a CNN reporter, they asked him to pose with them for selfies.
Someone left a burned and decapitated animal carcass on the front porch of a Department of Homeland Security employee.
Time: Why Businesses Can Deny You Service for Some Reasons—And Not Others.”

Endangered weiners wieners. Crain's Chicago Business reports the landlord of The Weiners Wieners Circle, a beloved Lincoln Park hot dog stand known for insulting customers, is putting the property on the market. (Photo: ashstar01.)
Chicago Symphony music director Riccardo Muti castigated the audience after someone had the audacity to cough.

Beach trash quiz. The New York Times challenges you to guess what kind of plastic trash most frequently winds up littering the world's shorelines.
India's plastic ban is hitting McDonald's and Starbucks where it hurts: The budget.

Apple recall. Lawsuits and tens of thousands of complaints have prompted the company to offer free fixes for MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops whose keyboards can malfunction—with keys that feel sticky, repeat unexpectedly or fail to generate characters.
New European Union copyright rules threaten internet sharing—including linking to news stories without the publisher's permission.

Next up in the Chicago Public Square / Wednesday Journal Conversations “live on stage” series: NBA champ, VH1 TV star and sometime Trump critic Iman Shumpert, July 11 at 7 p.m. Tickets here—with a $5 discount for those who use the promo code SQUARE.
Readers were on their game checking out Monday’s Chicago Public Square, Square Annex and the Square Newscast.
Mike Braden noted omission of the word “that” in the phrase “a ‘bonding experience’ that keeps the party and its voters aligned …”
Mark Wukas suggested the word “snub” was inappropriate in a headline for a story about a Chicago alderman who passed up a chance to visit the pope.
Beth Austin noted the misspelling of “journalists” in a Square post to Facebook.
Thanks to Chris Koenig for link suggestions powering this issue.

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