The right to talk / Water Tower fights / You'll be back

The right to talk. Have you ever signed away yours—as a student intern, an employee, a corporate visitor? ProPublica wants to hear about your nondisclosure agreements, “to learn more about what effect these documents have on people’s lives and careers.”

WikiHow: Understanding NDAs. (Image: Wikivisual.)
In the #MeToo era, a growing chorus is calling for elimination of NDAs.
As Congress considers cracking down on child-on-child sexual assaults at military bases, the Pentagon is resisting, even as it acknowledges the problem is bigger than previously acknowledged.

Pigs also taking wing. Tronc, the Chicago Tribune parent company whose various predecessors have long and fervently opposed unions, has agreed to recognize unions representing its Chicago-area journalists.
Sun-Times investigative columnist Dan Mihalopoulos is signing off to join WBEZ.
After a popular rerun last week, the Sun-Times will resurrect more old Mike Royko columns—including this 1963 edition, in which he mockingly recommended then-Mayor Daley the First give a speech like this: “This city did not become great through the efforts of birds, squirrels, kids and people who spend their time sitting in the shade.”
After the resignation of The Denver Post’s editorial page editor, its union tells readers the paper’s corporate overlords are “undeserving of owning The Denver Post and of serving you.”

Water Tower fights. Chicago police say a few hundred teenagers were involved in fighting near the Water Tower over the weekend—but only two were arrested.
Sunday shootings left at least three dead and 8 wounded in Chicago.

Thinking ahead. A report that Sen. John McCain, fighting brain cancer, has told friends he doesn’t want Donald Trump at his funeral signals what CNN’s Jake Tapper calls “a real moment for the country.”
After a week in which the president’s new top lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, conceded he’s “focused on the law more than the facts,” Giuliani says, “We’ve got everything kind of straightened out.”
One of Trump’s other new lawyers has Chicago and Oak Park roots. (Cartoon: Keith Taylor.)
Press critic Jay Rosen: “We’re in uncharted territory … where … willing the impeachment of the president is revealed as an Oval Office plan.”

‘Bring mints.’ Neil Steinberg counsels those attending commencement ceremonies.
Commencement advice from journalist Ronan Farrow— Mia Farrow and Woody Allen’s son, the guy who brought down creepy movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, triggering the #MeToo movement: “If enough of you prove that this generation isn’t going to make the same mistakes as the one before—then doing the right thing won’t seem as rare, or as hard, or as special.”

You’ll be back. The people who brought you Hamilton, the musical, are bringing Chicago’s Northerly Island something unique: “Hamilton: The Exhibition”—a multimedia portrayal of the founding of America.
Tribune editorial: “The exhibition promises to further humanize the American transition from rule by monarch to governance by citizens.” (Image: David Korins.)
Illinois is unfurling a new Frank Lloyd Wright tourism trail.

Unrelated items—one hopes.
A giraffe killed an award-winning South African film director.
A bear killed a man trying to take a selfie with the bear.

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