'A f__king mess' / 'Gotcha' / Pokémon not gone

‘Univision Is A F__king Mess.’ In a remarkable account, reporters for Univision’s Gizmodo Media Group document “how corporate raiding, complacency, excess, and incompetence” have gutted Univision—also parent to Chicago-based The Onion, among many other media properties. (Gizmodo illustration: Jim Cooke.)
Former Tribune editor Ann Marie Lipinski condemns a “roll call of … greed” at her old paper’s parent company.

‘Gotcha.’ The Washington Post notes Trump supporters, including Kellyanne Conway, are reveling at New York Democratic Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s resignation just three hours after a report that four women are accusing him of physical abuse. (Cartoon: Keith Taylor.)
Tribune columnist Heidi Stevens: Why aren’t women writing more letters to newspaper editors?

‘The EPA and the state of Indiana dropping the ball time after time again.’ An environmental activist reacts to discovery of yet another lead-contaminated neighborhood near East Chicago.
White House staffers have been encouraging President Trump to dump embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt.
Illinois is joining other states to keep the administration from lowering penalties against carmakers who violate fuel-economy rules.
Updating coverage: Civil rights advocates are headed to court to fight Housing Secretary Ben Carson’s decision to delay a rule aimed at undoing racial segregation.

Lightfoot hotfoots. The head of the Chicago Police Board, Lori Lightfoot, has quit abruptly—getting her out of the hot seat in deciding the fate of a cop accused of killing a bat-wielding young man and his innocent 55-year-old neighbor, and positioning Lightfoot to run for mayor against the guy who appointed her, Rahm Emanuel. (Screenshot: 2016 City Club of Chicago video.)
Emanuel’s fundraising is on fire.

‘The moment you learn why the episode is called Go Cubs! is superb.’ But the Tribune’s Steve Johnson delivers a mixed review for tonight’s edition of ABC’s controversial Roseanne revival.
Stephen Colbert on First Lady Melania Trump’s long-awaited First Lady campaign, focused on “the overall well-being of children”: “It’s like spending all year planning your Halloween party, and you decide the theme is candy.”

Pokémon not gone. After a disastrous outing last year in Chicago’s Grant Park, the Pokémon Go Fest is planning a second go-round this summer—in Lincoln Park. (Image: Niantic.)
50 years after founding the Chicago International Film Fest, Michael Kutza is retiring as its CEO.
Menard’s “Save big money” pitchman is dead at 91.

A world-changer—twice. In The New York Times, David Brooks delivers a tribute to Stewart Brand, the Illinois-born guy responsible in the ’60s for the Whole Earth Catalog and in the ’80s for the birth of cyberculture. (Photo: Akos Kokai/Flickr.)
Robots with soft hands will change everything.

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