Squaris Bueller's Day Off

Chicago Public Square is taking Friday off so your publisher could join a panel on WBEZ’s Morning Shift. (Podcast here.)

But in the absence of a regular Square update, please take a few minutes to reflect on all Square’s brought you—free—since its January 2017 launch:

This Chicago Headline Club Lisagor Award-finalist web and email briefing, daily distilling all the news from everywhere down to, as we say, “Chicago’s new front page.”
The Chicago Public Square Annex evening email update.
Round-the-clock updates on Facebook and Twitter.
An occasional podcast series of interviews with some of the Chicago area’s most interesting people.
A new daily audio newscast.

… and all at no charge.

Over the last couple of months, Square’s biggest fans have stepped forward to support this project—to keep it going and to prime the pump for expansion. (Like that daily newscast, which wouldn’t have happened without reader funding.)

While you’re pondering what your day today will be like without Square, consider joining the Legion of Public Squarians with a pledge of your own—for as little as pennies a day.

Or consider advertising your company, product, organization or candidate in Square.

You can also help simply by telling a friend about Square and encouraging her or him to subscribe. (Again: Free.)

And if you have no friends, well, you do Square honor simply by visiting this website or opening this email every day.

For that, you have Square’s profound gratitude.

Be here Monday as we get back into it.

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