Button, button / Pipes frozen? / iPhone battery deal

BUTTON, BUTTON. Who’s got the button to trigger a nuclear war? Despite President Trump’s boasts yesterday, he doesn’t have one. But he does have a briefcase.

… and, apparently, a continued fixation on size.
… and, more evidently than ever, a TV stuck on Fox News.
CNN’s Brian Stelter compares Trump’s Tuesday tweetstorm to “messages from a person who is not well, from a leader who is not fit for office.”
Those messages triggered complaints to Twitter … but a Twitter veteran says a ban on Trump’s outbursts would “only hide them further from public criticism.”
Within the White House, fear of an accidental war launched by Trump: “You just don’t know what’s going to send him over the edge.”
Ex-White House strategist Steve Bannon calls a Trump Tower meeting with Russians “treasonous.”

Trump’s choice to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement says politicians who run so-called “sanctuary cities”—like Chicago—for undocumented immigrants should be charged with crimes.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ top adviser on marijuana wants doctors to test all patients routinely for drugs—and to force some users into treatment against their will.

PIPES FROZEN? Need a plumber? Good luck. Chicago’s cold spell is pushing the trade to its limits.
The region’s close to tying its record for longest cold snap.
The union representing City of Chicago workers responsible for snow removal is threatening a walkout.
The East Coast faces a “bombogenesis” or “bomb cyclone” today.
Updating coverage: Snow in Florida.

‘WHOEVER PUT THEIR STAMP OF APPROVAL ON THIS PROMOTION SHOULD BE FIRED.’ The president of Chicago's Italian American Human Relations Foundation is among those objecting to an ad campaign for an Italian eatery.
Chicago Public Schools’ inspector general is condemning employees’ abuse of retail store gift cards supposed to have been used as student incentives.
Chicago’s animal care chief has ordered death for a dog that bit her—a move one volunteer says smacks of a double standard.

iPHONE BATTERY DEAL. Even if the battery on your iPhone 6 or newer passes a strength test, Apple will replace it at the discounted $29 rate.
CNBC: If your iPhone feels slower, get the replacement.
A new book, Brotopia, documents the drug-fueled, sex-laced parties at which some of Silicon Valley’s most powerful men are regulars.

BOXED OUT. After a record round of holiday shopping online, companies that recycle cardboard say the flood of empty boxes is a challenge. (Photo: Matthew Paul Argall.)
One responsible option: Fill your empty boxes with donations to a worthy cause and ship them for free, via the Give Back Box program.

‘X-FILES’ TRUMP-ERA REBOOT. In an era of “fake news,” Vox calls the show, which launches a new mini-season tonight, “deeply relevant again.”
Variety: The 10 best X-Files episodes.
Happy 25th anniversary to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which many critics, including Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin, consider “the best incarnation of Star Trek.”
Simpsons voice star Harry Shearer cites Chicago Public Square in a tweet triggered by a “resolutions for journalists” roundup in Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources media newsletter.

The link in yesterday’s emailed Square to an archival interview with The Wire creator David Simon was wrong. Here you go.
What was the most-clicked item in yesterday’s Square, you may have wondered? If you guessed this one, you were right.

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