'Vehicular terrorism' / Mall sale / Lie of the Year

‘VEHICULAR TERRORISM.’ One of Chicago’s most influential aldermen is calling for creation of a task force to prevent the use of trucks to mow down pedestrians.
Within minutes last night, Roscoe Village residents suffered two carjackings.
After the bombing in New York’s subway Monday, Chicago police have stepped up security around the city’s transit stations.

The bombing suspect became a dad this year.
Trevor Noah in New York last night on The Daily Show: This was maybe the fifth-worst thing that someone did on the subway today.”

‘ONE OF OUR ATTORNEYS IS A JEW.’ That's Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s wife last night, responding to what she described as “fake news” suggestions that “we don’t care for Jews.”
New York magazine correspondent Olivia Nuzzi’s account of Moore’s “weird” final rally before today’s election in Alabama: “Have you ever traveled down a dirt path in rural southeast Alabama in December and arrived at a barn in the woods to find Steve Bannon, … Roy and Kayla Moore, a woman performing an interpretive dance in front of a tree, and several inflatable alligators?”
And “speaker after speaker attacked ‘the media.’
Shaun King for The Intercept: The president and the GOP are backing a flagrant bigot for U.S. Senate.”
The Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet: What to know as the returns roll in.
Updating coverage into the night from AL.com.

BIPARTISANSHIP. Illinois’ Republican governor, Bruce Rauner, is joining his Democratic challenger, Chris Kennedy, in calling for Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios to quit.
A Sun-Times editorial: “What’s going on is pure politics. … But it is also … excellent public policy. Keep it up!”

ANOTHER CHICAGO TV RETIREMENT. After 42 years in the business, veteran TV weather forecaster Jim Ramsey is calling it quits at the end of the year.

MALL SALE. One of the world’s biggest operators of shopping malls, Australia-based Westfield—owner of the Chicago area’s Old Orchard, as well as New York’s World Trade Center mall—is selling itself to a European company.
Management consultant Peter Cohan: Amazon’s shifted pricing power to consumers, making the Federal Reserve’s power to manage inflation irrelevant.

SPACE RACE. The Tribune’s Robert Reed examines competing boasts from SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Chicago-based Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg about which of their companies will be first to reach the red planet.
President Trump’s directing NASA to send astronauts back to the moon, and then to Mars.

LIE OF THE YEAR. Politifact says the biggest whopper of 2017 was this one told by the president.
A list of “eyewitnesses” the White House says exonerate Trump of sexual harassment and assault “consists of two women who don’t even claim to be eyewitnesses and a British man with … a documented history of deception.”
BuzzFeed documents efforts by Steve Bannon and Breitbart to sabotage Twitter.
In a Netflix standup comedy show, director Judd Apatow skewers Trump.
In a plea for the endangered Children’s Health Insurance Program, Jimmy Kimmel took his infant son, Billy—who recently underwent heart surgery—onstage at his show last night.

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