Smile / New CTA cards / 'Journalism’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week'

SMILE. All Chicago cops are now outfitted with body cameras. (Photo: Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.)

Vice News: Cops shoot Americans more than twice as often as previously known.
Updating a sensational—and false—report from last week: A Minnesota man tells Chicago police his girlfriend made up the story about their robbery under Wacker Drive of a wedding band and other stuff worth thousands of dollars.

THE COLBERT-EMANUEL CONNECTION. To bear in mind tonight, when Mayor Emanuel shows up on Stephen Colbert’s show: Emanuel’s brother owns the company that manages Colbert’s career.
In an interview with the Tribune, Emanuel assesses his ability to listen to people: “I’m not really good at it.”

NEW CTA CARDS. The first round of early-adopters’ Ventra fare cards is expiring, and free replacements will be in the mail to those who’ve registered with a current address. (Second item in Mary Wisniewski’s column. Not registered? As Mary noted in September, you’re blowing $5.)
A Trib editorial praises the CTA: “More than nine of 10 riders say they’d recommend the CTA to someone else, and 85 percent say they’re satisfied with the agency overall.”

IF HE WAS A SUICIDE BOMBER, HE WASN’T VERY GOOD AT IT. Updating story: A pipe bomb strapped to a man at a subway station near New York’s Times Square left him and at least one other person with what police describe as non-life-threatening injuries.
Developing: The suspect’s been ID’d.

OBAMA vs. MOORE. The former president has recorded robo-calls to Alabama voters, asking them to vote tomorrow against disgraced Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.
… A counterpoint to President Trump’s calls championing Moore’s candidacy.
Alabama’s other Republican senator, Richard Shelby: “I couldn’t vote for Roy Moore. I didn’t.”
Moore in 2011: Dumping all the constitutional amendments after the 10th “would eliminate many problems.”
A co-founder of the Russian feminist punk rock group Pussy Riot says she wants to punch Moore.
Reporter Julia Ioffe in The Atlantic: The Myth of Vladimir Putin the Puppet Master.”

‘JOURNALISM’S TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD WEEK.’ Columbia Journalism Review’s Pete Vernon dissects a rough run for the media covering the Trump administration.
A trial set to wrap up today “could determine the future of free speech in America’s capital.”
Sometime Trump pal Jeanne Pirro calls for “a cleansing … in our FBI and Department of Justice.”
After Sen. Al Franken’s resignation, three U.S. senators are calling on President Trump to do the same.
In Miami Beach, a hotel has set up a phone booth that gives visitors a direct line to Congress.

CORRECTION. Friday’s Square mischaracterized retiring news anchor Mark Suppelsa’s career. He didn’t spend it all in Chicago.

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