‘Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!’ host Peter Sagal tells his not-favorite things

Let Peter Sagal, host of NPR’s incredibly successful Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!, tell you this:

He hates the show’s name.

He also hates the place where he creates that show.

You’ll learn why as you listen to a podcast of my onstage interview with Sagal—part of the Wednesday Journal Conversations series—in which he talks about the show, his career, the Constitution under Donald Trump, the challenge sexual harassment poses to comedy writing, the differences between announcers Bill Kurtis and Carl Kasell, and much more … including Sagal’s affection for the village we both call home: Oak Park, Ill.

Hear here how it went at Dominican University in River Forest, Nov. 20, 2017. Or listen on your favorite podcast player, via Spotify, YouTube and Pandora, on Amazon’s Alexa-powered speakers or on iTunes (say “Hey, Siri! Play Chicago Public Square Podcasts”).

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(Photos: Alexa Rogals/Wednesday Journal.)

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