CTA fare omens / Al Franken out—at PBS / Papers on the move

CTA FARE OMENS. The chairman of the Regional Transportation Authority says that, after eight years without a fare hike, the Chicago Transit Authority is due to raise prices.

Should suburbanites pay more to ride? A Tribune editorial: “No thanks.”
Mayor Emanuel’s poised to pass a budget the Sun-Times’ Fran Spielman says is “balanced with higher taxes on telephone bills, ride-hailing and large-venue amusements along with previously approved tax increases on property, water and sewer bills.”
Uber plans to buy up to 24,000 self-driving cars from Volvo.

‘TO THE EPA UNDER DONALD TRUMP, THIS IS A WAKE-UP CALL.’ With a slap at the president’s environmental policies—or lack of environmental policies—Mayor Emanuel says Chicago’s going to sue U.S. Steel for polluting Lake Michigan.
Sun-Times editorial: “When it comes to our environment, the Trump administration is sending ominous signals.”
Daily Beast investigation: Multiple members of at least 20 families, joined by either blood or marriage, hold some federal post or appointment under the Trump administration.

AL FRANKEN OUT—AT PBS. He’s been removed from the broadcast of a David Letterman tribute—because, the network says, charges of sexual harassment against him “would distract from the show’s purpose.”
… Interesting because Letterman has some harassment issues in his past, too. (From 2009.)
Amid other harassment accusations, actor Jeffrey Tambor is out at Amazon’s series Transparent. (Photo: Lorie Shaull.)

DANGEROUS WORK. A Tribune investigation finds that, since 2013, at least a dozen Department of Children and Family Services workers have been attacked or seriously threatened as they worked to protect children or investigate reports of mistreatment.

OMG! OMG! OMG! The Sun-Times reports reps from Amazon paid a visit to take notes about and photos of a potential Chicago home for a new second headquarters: The old Finkl Steel site on the North Side.
New tools to keep holiday package deliveries—from Amazon or anyone else—safe from doorstep thieves.

POOR OUTCOME. Chicago startup Outcome Health, which gives doctors’ offices health-related video programming, is fighting accusations it overstated its reach.
The company’s offering employee buyouts.
From September: Outcome laid off employees days after Mayor Emanuel hailed the company for plans to add 2,000 jobs over five years.

HE’S BAAAACK. Ex-Cook County Board President Todd Stroger says he wants the job again.
Congressman Danny Davis is backing Chris Kennedy’s bid for the governor’s job.

PAPERS ON THE MOVE. The Sun-Times and the Reader moved over the weekend to a new home in West Loop and Neil Steinberg says it feels fine.
The Tribune’s leaving historic Tribune Tower, too.
Crain’s is dumping reader comments on its website.

BUSIEST TRAVEL DAY AT O’HARE? Despite what you’ve heard, it doesn’t fall during Thanksgiving Week. (Second item in Mary Wisniewski’s column.)
Funniest bit on the latest Saturday Night Live: Pete Davidson explains why he finds going home for Thanksgiving so difficult.

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