'The shadow of fear' / Pop tax flip / LinkedIn menace

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‘THE SHADOW OF FEAR.’ Acknowledging news that the Las Vegas gunman booked rooms overlooking Chicago’s Lollapalooza in August, Tribune columnist Mary Schmich cautions against “freaking out over what might have happened.” (2015 photo, Aneil Lutchman.)
He was eyeing Boston, too.
Los Angeles Times reporter Randall Roberts: The Lollapalooza connection suggests the shooter didn’t care which type of music fan he hurt.
Chicago’s security challenges this weekend: Crowds for the Chicago Marathon and Cubs and Bears games.
Even the National Rifle Association is now supporting a restriction on a device the shooter apparently used.
Continual updates on the investigation and its aftermath.

RESTAURANT REGRETS. The co-owner of a Highland Park deli has fired his brother, who tweeted, “White people shooting white people isn’t terror. … It’s community outreach. #LasVegas.”
The owner of a Pennsylvania vegan food truck has apologized for a Facebook post in which she dismissed the deaths of “meat eaters” in Vegas.

POP TAX FLIP. That new Cook County tax on sweetened drinks may be out of juice, with news a county commissioner has changed his mind. (Photo: The Photographer.)
Crain’s Greg Hinz explains why.

‘TRUMP IS TREATING A POTENTIAL WAR LIKE A REALITY SHOW CLIFFHANGER.’ CNN’s Chris Cillizza is astonished by the president’s remarks Thursday night.
The Nobel Peace Prize goes to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

‘WE’RE NOT GOING TO BE RUN OFF BY THE PUNKS.’ That’s the vow from the coach of a West Side Chicago school whose game last week was interrupted by a nearby shooting. But a Wheaton Catholic school nevertheless has canceled and forfeited tonight’s game.
Despite months of threats to punish Chicago for its “sanctuary city” policy on immigration, the Trump administration has sent Chicago half a million bucks to fight gun and gang crimes.

‘THOSE WHO ACCEPT THE BENEFITS OF ORGANIZED LABOR BUT DON’T CHIP IN TO EARN AND MAINTAIN THEM ARE PARASITES.’ But, columnist Eric Zorn says, they’ll probably win in an Illinois case before the U.S. Supreme Court.
The U.S. economy shed 33,000 jobs last month—its first loss in seven years—largely because of hurricanes.
Tropical Storm Nate could be a hurricane by the time it reaches the Gulf Coast this weekend.

‘WHITE PEOPLE, DON’T SEND YOUR KIDS TO SCHOOL WITH ALL WHITE PEOPLE.’—Advice from Black-ish creator Kenya Barris in an appearance on The Daily Show.
… Triggering vibrant discussion on Facebook.

LINKEDIN MENACE. The bad guys have figured out how to subvert the network to nasty ends.
By the end of the year, Facebook users could outnumber the world’s Christians.

NETFLIX PRICE HIKE. Get ready to dig at least $12 a year deeper into your pocket.
Blade Runner 2049: Awesome,” “waterlogged,” “lifeless.”

‘HARVEY WEINSTEIN IS THE WORST PERSON IN THE FILM BUSINESS.’ Hollywood reacts to The New York Times’ report on decades of sexual harassment by one of its most celebrated producers.
He’s threatening to sue the Times.
But Democrats are backing away from Weinstein, one of their most prominent donors.
The company behind that “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street will pay $5 million in a settlement for salary discrimination against women.
An NFL player has apologized for sexist remarks he calls “extremely unacceptable.”

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