Six minutes earlier … / Soda tax losing fizz / Does Uber owe you?

SIX MINUTES EARLIER … Las Vegas police have dramatically updated the timeline of events leading up to last week’s massacre: The gunman shot a hotel security guard before he began shooting concertgoers.

Despite a thousand leads, the gunman’s motives remain a mystery. (2006 Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino photo: Ken Lund.)

‘DO YOU WANT TO DIE OR GIVE UP YOUR CAR?’ Oak Park police are looking for a man who displayed a semi-automatic handgun during a weekend carjacking.
ProPublica Illinois debuts with joint WBEZ/Sun-Times investigation: “How Chicago Gets Its Guns.”
The Tribune: Chicago’s gun laws aren’t the nation’s strictest.
Cops have nabbed a suspect sought for pushing a stranger onto CTA tracks.

SODA TAX LOSING FIZZ. Updating coverage: A key committee vote today sets the stage for repeal of Cook County’s sweetened beverage tax.
Commentary in Reason: “Anything is better than shaking down taxpayers every time they want to buy a Big Gulp.”

‘THEIR DESIRE … WILL DISPLACE 700 STUDENTS, THE MAJORITY OF WHOM HAVE NO WEALTH AND NO POWER.’ A protester outside Mayor Emanuel’s home implores Emanuel and school board members to reverse plans to turn an elementary school into a high school.

‘I SEE THE BALL HITTING HIM, HEARING THE SOUND … HIM FALLING ON MY, BLEEDING ALL OVER MY SHOES.’ The son of a Schaumburg man who’s suing the Cubs and Major League Baseball describes the foul ball that hit his father at an August game, blinding him in one eye.

GAME ON. Responding to reports Secretary of State Tillerson referred to him as a “f**king moron,” President Trump suggests, “I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests.”
… Just the latest manifestation of Trump’s longstanding interest in IQ scores. (Graph: Dmcq.)
The Washington Post: Trump is on target to deliver 2,000 misleading claims during his first year in office.
New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg: Republican Sen. Bob Corker’s “expression of alarm” about Trump is a reminder that “we are teetering on the cusp of horror.”
Vox: Only retiring Republicans are talking about Trump’s fitness for office.
Politico: Democrats remarkably smell the prospect of taking a Senate majority next year.

SPEAKING OF INTELLIGENCE … Ex-Bears coach Mike Ditka on racial injustice in the U.S.: “There has been no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of.”
Phil Rosenthal in the Tribune: “The discrimination and bigotry Ditka’s Bears teammates faced in the mid-1960s was memorably depicted in the much-beloved 1971 TV movie Brian’s Song.”

‘NOBODY KNOWS THE AMOUNT OF THE DATA TAKEN.’ Sources tell The Guardian a cyber-attack on the giant Deloitte accounting firm compromised a server that held email from four U.S. government departments, the UN and some of the world’s biggest multinational corporations.
Russians reportedly spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads across Google products.

DOVE SOAP’S ‘CRISIS.’ A quickly-pulled ad critics have labeled “racist” threatens to undo a 13-year campaign.
Trib columnist Dahleen Glanton: Dove deserves another chance. (Screenshot: Naythemua/Facebook.)
In Oak Park, outrage over a student’s blackface shot on Snapchat. (Update, 2:43 p.m.: The student has apologized.)

‘IF YOU EVER HAVE DINNER AT HARVEY WEINSTEIN’S HOUSE, AVOID THE FRESH BASIL.’ Stephen Colbert’s advice is one of many shots late-night hosts took at a scandalized scandal-scarred movie mogul last night.
Designer Donna Karan is walking back her defense of Weinstein, which included the warning that some women ask for “trouble” by “presenting themselves the way they do.”
From Hollywood’s leading men: Mostly silence.

‘POTENTIALLY DEVASTATING.’ Think the Chicago area’s relatively safe from climate change’s impact? A new Midwest Economic Policy Institute report foresees repercussions for the Midwest’s transportation and infrastructure systems.
Global warming threatens mental health, too.
Northern California wildfires grew exponentially.

A NOBEL AND AN OSCAR (SORT OF.) You may recall University of Chicago professor Richard Thaler, who won a Nobel Prize for economics Monday, from his cameo with Selena Gomez in 2015’s Oscar-winning The Big Short.
His former U. of C. colleague Cass Sunstein: “Thaler Changed My Life (and Everybody Else’s).”

DOES UBER OWE YOU? If you got unsolicited text messages from Uber between 2010 and August of this year, you may be in line for a piece of a $20 million Illinois court settlement.
Lyft is joining with Chance the Rapper to support Chicago schools.
Computer chipmaker NVIDIA has rolled out processors for development of fully autonomous “level 5 vehicles,” capable of navigating roads without a steering wheel or brakes for puny humans.

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