The hurricane effect / Hef's dead / '11 more!'

THE HURRICANE EFFECT. An influx of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria could tip Florida to the Democrats.

President Trump has waived a law that was limiting foreign ships’ ability to deliver aid to Puerto Rico.
National Geographic: Climate change’s hidden costs are running hundreds of billions a year.

‘FAKE NEWS’ ONSLAUGHT. A new study finds disinformation on Twitter, some of it from Russia, reached higher concentrations than the national average in 27 states—including Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan, which Trump carried by slim margins.
Updating coverage: Twitter has a date today on Capitol Hill to talk about Russia.
Facebook’s Zuckerberg vs. Trump.
PolitiFact is touring conservative states—to reach Trump supporters who don’t trust media fact-checking.
Columnist E.J. Dionne: Trump and Republicans have unleashed forces they can’t control.
Rex Huppke in the Tribune: America’s deepest division is sane vs. crazy—and in Alabama, crazy prevailed.
The BBC’s star political reporter now needs a bodyguard.

HEF’S DEAD. Playboy’s founder, Hugh Hefner, was 91.
From Time, 50 years ago: “He was the first publisher to see that the sky would not fall and mothers would not march if he published bare bosoms.” (Photo: Glenn Francis.)
That time in 2012 when Hefner came back to Chicago to visit his childhood home with Roger Ebert.
A Hefner timeline.
How the bunny logo came to rep Playboy (Newcity, 2014).

CHICAGO vs. EQUIFAX. Updating coverage: The city is poised to become the first municipality to take legal action against the company for its data breach.
A Chicago cop is in trouble for posting a photo showing himself with a poster that says, “I stand for the anthem,” “I love the American flag” and “I support my president and the 2nd Amendment.”

SMOKING ON THE RUN. Chicago’s raising of the age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21 seems to be helping.
Ex-employees of the Wrigley chewing gum factory in Chicago are suing, complaining flavoring chemicals made them sick.
Consumer Reports (from August): “An in-depth look at early experiments shows promising results … when taxes are targeted at soda and other sugar-heavy drinks.”

‘11 MORE!’ That chant shook the Cubs’ clubhouse after they clinched the divisional title last night in St. Louis.
Here’s the postseason schedule.

‘THE CHER SHOW.’ A musical based on her life and her work will open in Chicago before heading to Broadway. (Photo: CBS.)
Megyn Kelly has been alienating her celebrity guests.

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