Is Rauner 'toast'? / Onion shakeup / Free coffee

IS RAUNER ‘TOAST’? After Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signature on a bill ensuring and expanding abortion access in Illinois, Tribune columnist John Kass says he wouldn’t be surprised if “Rauner just pulled the plug” on his own re-election plans.

Eric Zorn: “The haggard man dully answering reporters’ questions … didn’t look like someone braced for the political fight of his life.” (2016 photo: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jodi Martinez.)
Neil Steinberg in the Sun-Times: Rauner, “whose record of inertia, wheel-spinning and fencepole-sitting is second to none,” finally does the right thing.
Chicago Cardinal Cupich: Rauner broke a promise.
In a win for Rauner, the Supreme Court will consider his challenge to mandatory union fees from government workers.
Cook County Commissioner Jesus Chuy Garcia, who fought Rahm Emanuel to a runoff in Chicago’s last mayoral election and who backed Bernie Sanders for president, is backing Chris Kennedy for governor.

‘WE DID NOT FEEL WE COULD ADEQUATELY ENSURE … SAFETY.’ After callers threatened to report the session to federal immigration officers, a suburban library has canceled a program to teach undocumented residents about their rights.
Citing “attacks” on diplomats, the Trump administration is warning Americans not to visit Cuba and ordering more than half of its personnel to leave.
Audio from 25 years of Donald Trump interviews with Howard Stern has been forced off the web.

WHAT UBER DRIVERS MAKE. As Chicago considers new restrictions on ride-sharing companies, Uber has revealed where its 30,000 Chicago drivers live and how much they’ve earned so far this year.
SpaceX says its rocket tech could fly people not just into space, but to anywhere on earth in less than an hour.
A top Senate Democrat calls Twitter’s presentation Thursday on Russian propaganda in social media “deeply disappointing.”
To set minds at ease, Apple is revealing more about how its new iPhone FaceID tech works—and when it doesn’t.
Walmart is launching an upscale food line to compete with Amazon’s Whole Foods.

ONION SHAKEUP. Reportedly in a dispute with new corporate ownership, two top editors of The Onion are quitting.
Lead story Friday morning in The Onion:Officials Investigating Hugh Hefner’s Death Suspect Foreplay.”

‘I DEMAND THAT ALL THE NEWS ENTERING MY LINE OF SIGHT BE NEWS I WANT TO SEE.’ After a column about NFL players’ protests, the Trib’s Rex Huppke writes to his bosses suggesting he be fired.
The national anthem protest manifested itself during Thursday’s Evanston-New Trier high school football game.
After an outbreak of racial slurs, Air Force Academy Supt. Jay Silveria told cadets in a blistering speech that he encouraged them to record: “If you demean someone in any way, you need to get out.”
A federal judge says Black Lives Matter can’t be sued.

FREE COFFEE. Here’s a list of places offering deals on National Coffee Day today and—in some cases—through the weekend.

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