A 'most shameful act' / Disappearing taxis / Phone bills rising?

A ‘MOST SHAMEFUL ACT.’ A man who’s advised presidents of both parties calls President Trump’s decision to bail out of the Paris climate accords a “terrible setback for the planet.”
MIT researchers: Trump misunderstood their work when he cited it yesterday.
Neil Steinberg: Attacking science “comes easily to people who believe the earth is 5,000 years old, called into existence by their imaginary friend.”
 Politico analysis: Trump “needed to troll the world.”
A Cornell fellow: This “will have a galvanizing effect” on environmentalists.
Among the losers in the White House debate that preceded Trump’s announcement: Ivanka Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
 The New Yorker: Donald Trump’s ‘screw you’ to the world.”
German newspaper headline: “Earth to Trump: F—k you! (Photo: Wewius/Reddit).
Apple’s CEO: Trump “will have no impact on Apple’s efforts to protect the environment.”
New York, California and Washington are forming their own climate alliance.
Mayor Emanuel: Chicago will continue to cut its carbon emissions.
… And so will Pittsburgh, even though Trump used it to justify his call.
Hey, remember when George W. Bush did something similar?
Washington Post analysis: Trump’s sense of the Midwest is “decades-out-of-date.”

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DISAPPEARING TAXIS. New statistical analysis commissioned by a union trying to organize Chicago cabbies finds the number of “monthly taxi trips” on Chicago’s streets is down 52 percent over the last three years.
Prosecutors want a reputed mob figure to step down from his union duties while he awaits trial on fraud charges.
Fresh numbers show the U.S. adding jobs—but not as many as some analysts expected.

NEW DOWNTOWN APARTMENTS. A developer’s buying a couple of vacant buildings on State Street with plans to turn them into 429 living spaces. (Image: City of Chicago.)
Prominent Chicagoans tell the Tribune’s William Lee why they keep living here.
A Chicago bar criticized for a “racist” dress code may lose its liquor license.

PHONE BILLS RISING? Chicago is close to winning permission to increase taxes on phone bills $13.20 a year per cell or landline number.
Beleaguered Chicago State University spent $300,000 to build a West Side campus that it now says won’t happen.

‘MAKE AMERICA BAIT AGAIN.’ That’s the tagline for the next installment in Syfy’s series, “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.”
Is Netflix tapped out?

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