Trump's climate call / Chicago's Tiger trouble / Lolla after after dark

TRUMP’S CLIMATE CALL. Developing: A number of reports indicate the president’s decided to pull out of the Paris agreement to fight global warming—

pitting the U.S. against almost every other nation on the planet.
Scientific American: Why conservative white males are more likely to be climate skeptics.

COVFEFE FEVER. President Trump’s early-morning typo has united a bewildered nation.
 U.S. Sen. Al Franken: Covfefe’s Yiddish for “I got to go to bed now.”
Hours later, the president deleted and acknowledged his goof.
BuzzFeed: The claim Trump’s won 5 million new followers in three days is … fake.
Oak Park-raised comedian Kathy Griffin is begging forgiveness for a photo in which she held up a bloody Trump mask—an act that has triggered a Secret Service investigation, a tweeted condemnation from the president and (update) consideration of her dismissal from CNN’s New Year’s Eve show.

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‘EVEN THE GOOD HOMBRES ARE NOT SAFE.’ A federal appeals court judge says he wishes he could stop the “inhumane” deportation of a successful businessman under Trump’s border-security rules, but he says the law leaves him no other choice.
In Berwyn, a community activist is shocked by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement summons.
Guardian columnist Trevor Timm: ICE agents are out of control—and getting worse.
The Trump administration is moving to lift some limits on the admission of refugees.
Developing: Labor activists investigating a Chinese company that produces Ivanka Trump-branded shoes have disappeared after their arrest.
Illinois’ top congressional Republican has sent Trump a list of names for U.S. attorneys here. But he didn’t share it with Democrats whose support is necessary for hearings.

CHICAGO’S TIGER TROUBLE. Tiger Woods’ arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence doesn’t bode well for plans to build a Woods-designed golf course on the South Side.
Woods blames medication he’s been taking during rehab from back surgery.

ILLINOIS’ PROPERTY TAX ‘EXTORTION.’ In a shot across the bow of some of the state’s most powerful Democrats, many of whom are property tax appeal lawyers, gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy says the state’s real estate assessment process is rigged.
Developing: The legislature enters the final scheduled day of this session without a budget for 701 days and counting—the longest fiscal drought of any state since the Great Depression.
Neil Steinberg: Gov. Rauner and House Speaker Madigan, “like Godzilla and Rodan, grapple and roar and roll around.”
A plan to sell Illinois’ Thompson Center is advancing in Springfield.
Eric Zorn: Illinois isn’t a big-spending state.

STORY STRAIGHTENED. The company that runs Illinois’ most lucrative red-light cameras is walking walking back its account of the role a traffic accident played in its founding.
Gov. Rauner is getting a bill to end the arrest of parolees simply for being seen with gang members.
A teenager faces arson charges for a fire that destroyed a building at the abandoned Joliet Correctional Center, the filming location for “Blues Brothers” and “Prison Break.”

PSST. DON’T TELL THEM ABOUT THE GUYS WHO CREATED SUPERMAN, BATMAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA AND JUST ABOUT ANY OTHER SUPER-HERO YOU’VE EVER HEARD OF. An anti-Israel group in Lebanon is pushing a boycott of the “Wonder Woman” movie because its star is an Israeli.
Comic books’ secret Jewish history.

LOLLA AFTER AFTER DARK. Tickets go on sale 10 a.m. Friday for 57 Lollapalooza aftershows in August. Greg Kot has the complete list.

ANCHOR DESK DEPARTURE. Scott Pelley’s out at CBS Evening News.
 Pelley pulled few punches with President Trump (from March).
 The New York Times is eliminating the watchdog role of public editor.
The reporter roughed up by a Montana Republican has donated his broken glasses to the Newseum.
A warning to reporters on this date in 2001: “If you find yourself thinking your life is more interesting than the lives of the people you’re covering, get a different job.”

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