Newspaper fight / Trump shakeup / Chicago's white population boom

NEWSPAPER FIGHT. Developing: As Wednesday’s deadline looms in the potential takeover of the Sun-Times and the Reader by the Tribune’s parent company, a consultant to the guild representing the two newsrooms says at least two other parties have raised their hands—which may be enough to scrub the deal for now.

The guild now formally opposes a plan under which it says the papers would “be handed over to their chief competitor.”
Amid rising hostility to the press, someone shattered the windows of a Kentucky newspaper, apparently with a bullet.
A Denver Post sports columnist is out after a racial comment on Twitter.

‘I WANT EVERYBODY ON THE TRAIN TO KNOW I LOVE THEM.’ A witness says those were among the last words from one of two men killed in Portland Friday when they stood up to a man who was shouting hateful remarks about various ethnicities and religions.
An anti-terrorism ad is going viral in the Middle East.

TRUMP SHAKEUP. A veteran Republican strategist is quitting as the president’s communications director.
Expect fewer on-camera media briefings.
Matthew Yglesias in Vox: “When Trump says something … he’s … trying to … see who around him will debase themselves to repeat it blindly.”
Peter Maass for The Intercept: The true targets in Trump’s war on journalism are “the government officials who provide us with the news for our stories.”
Sources: Russian leaders last year talked about having potentially “derogatory” financial info on then-presidential candidate Trump. But they may have been bluffing.

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‘WHEN YOU PICK UP A GUN AND YOU PULL THAT TRIGGER, YOU LOSE MY SYMPATHY.’ An Illinois state representative champions a bill the House is sending the Senate—to increase penalties for second-time gun offenders.
Chicago’s Memorial Day shootings leapt on the last day of the extended weekend.
Friday is National Gun Violence Day, when activists want you to wear orange.

CHICAGO’S WHITE POPULATION BOOM. The Sun-Times reports census numbers that show Chicago’s occupancy shrinking also show white residents flocking to neighborhoods near downtown while black residents abandon violent neighborhoods in droves.
A bill to automatically register Illinoisans to vote has passed the state House.
Chicago’s lakefront bike trail is getting a makeover that’ll force closures and detours.
The fight to restore Illinois’ vast oak tree population is taking it up a notch.

Richard Roeper: “The most heroic and the most ‘real’ Wonder Woman in movie (and television) history.”
Michael Phillips: An “almost entirely successful bid to make the DC Comics movies a little less lame.”

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