Secret Facebook rules / Indelicate remarks / Doomsday vault

SECRET FACEBOOK RULES. The Guardian says it’s reviewed more than 100 of the company’s training manuals for those moderating what can and can’t be shared by users. Allowed: “I hope someone kills you.”

WIRED: Get ready for the next big privacy backlash against Facebook.
A consumer protection lawyer warns the fine print that comes with DNA tests designed to reveal details about your ancestry could compromise your genetic privacy and your relatives’.

SAFETY NET? WHAT SAFETY NET? President Trump’s first major budget Tuesday reportedly will call for massive Medicaid cuts and for giving states new power to limit anti-poverty benefits.
Want to know which ex-lobbyists have taken government jobs under Trump? The White House says no.
The man in the middle of the Trump-Russia investigation, Michael Flynn, is gonna take the Fifth.
Chris Cillizza at CNN: “Trump fatigue” is a thing. And it’s helping the president.
Trump’s encounter in Saudi Arabia with a glowing orb has launched a bunch of end-times memes.

A Mississippi state lawmaker says those removing Confederate monuments “should be LYNCHED!”
A black congressman who called for Trump’s impeachment has been receiving threats: “Try it, and … you’ll be hanging from a tree.”
At a California state Democratic convention, the outgoing chairman led attendees in a middle-finger-raised chant: “F—k Donald Trump.”
Notre Dame students walked out on Vice President Pence’s commencement speech, at least one protester condemning his selection as “an egregious insult.”
If you signed an online petition protesting Trump’s policies, hackers may have your address and phone number.
Disney World is wrestling with how to handle the Trump addition to its Hall of Presidents.

SHOPPING MALL HOMICIDE. Skokie police say a man found dead in an Old Orchard parking garage stairwell was shot several times—and it wasn’t a random crime.
Researchers who’ve spent years interviewing young men in jail suggest reasons so many have chosen gun violence.

Now Cook County Recorder of Deeds Karen Yarbrough’s attempt to combat what she calls “low morale” is under inspection by the Cook County inspector general.

CIRCUS FINALE. After 146 years, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus called it quits last night in New York. And you can see the whole thing on YouTube.
Neil Steinberg: “The elephants were important after all.”

DRIVEN OUT. Ford Motor Co. has dumped its CEO. His replacement: the guy who’s been in charge of the Ford unit developing self-driving cars.
… And who served as University of Michigan athletic director.

WE HAVE A DOOMSDAY VAULT. AND THAT’S THE GOOD NEWS. The bad news? It’s been breached by global warming.
DNAinfo Chicago: Climate change threatens nearly one in five of Chicago’s tree species.
What’s new for Chicago’s 26 waterfront parks when they open officially Friday. (Photo: Bjoertvedt.)

CHICAGO JOURNALISM’S FUTURE? Public Narrative president (and friend of Chicago Public Square) Susy Schultz: “There is no reason to mourn news and innovation. … It is happening. And it is actually very exciting.”
Columbia Journalism Review:Where have all the black digital publishers gone?

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