Ariana Grande bombing / 'James Bond' dead / Trump dump

THE ARIANA GRANDE CONCERT BOMBING. Dozens are dead and injured after an explosion at the end of a performance in Manchester, England. The BBC’s updating what we know so far.
The Islamic State is taking credit claiming blame.
President Trump: “So many young, beautiful, innocent people … murdered by evil losers.”
Victims include an 8-year-old girl separated from her mom and sister in the chaos.
Fake images have sprouted on the web after the attack.
Grande tweets: “broken. … i am so so sorry.”

In testimony to Congress this morning, the ex-director of the CIA says he believes he was the first U.S. official to warn the head of Russia’s intelligence service last year that interference in the U.S. election would backfire.

‘PRETTY CREEPY, RIGHT?’ Hear moans of upset (beginning at 26:15 on this City Club of Chicago video) as Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart walks Chicago civic leaders through a demonstration of how easy it is for someone to use an iPhone to figure out where its owner has been and is likely to go.
MarketWatch: Apple’s market cap is now greater than the City of Chicago’s real gross domestic product.

RED LIGHT JACKPOTS. Which suburbs are making the most off motorists who run afoul of traffic-enforcement cameras? Which suburbs are most likely to toss out those tickets? A Sun-Times/ABC7 investigation has details.
Illinois Senate Democrats are ready today to advance plans for increasing the state income tax and expanding the sales tax.

‘THEY WANTED TO SCARE HIM STRAIGHT. … INSTEAD, THEY SCARED HIM TO DEATH.’ The mother of a Naperville teenager who committed suicide blames the school and police.
Police say a Wheaton College student killed by a hammer at a track and field event wasn’t paying attention.

ZILLOW SUIT. Crain’s Dennis Rodkin reports a family of Chicago-area builders is suing to stop Zillow from posting estimates of Illinois home values.
Hey, we got some primo Chicago retail space for ya right here.

‘I’D LOVE TO BE YOUR NEIGHBOR, BUT YOU’RE NOT MAKING IT VERY EASY FOR US.’ The Sun-Times’ Mark Brown quotes one of the participants in a Northwest Side affordable housing debate that touches on broader issues of racism and fear.
A tentative win for Chicago as Trump’s Justice Department narrows potential penalties for “sanctuary cities” that don’t play ball with immigration enforcement.

‘JAMES BOND’ DEAD. Roger Moore, who played 007 and The Saint, is dead after a fight against cancer. (Photo: Allan Warren.)
But his most iconic character may have been … himself.

‘WE ARE EMBRACING A WORLD IN WHICH AUTOMATED NATIONAL PROGRAMMING IS THE NEW NORMAL.’ A minority member of the Federal Communications Commission warns against a proposal to free broadcasters from the obligation to maintain studios in communities they serve.
For the first time, MSNBC finished No. 1 among the big three cable news networks in primetime last week for total viewers and the key 25-54 demo. And Fox sank to a historic low.

GLUB, GLUB. New research: The rate at which the earth’s sea level is rising has tripled since 1990.
Trump’s budget plan makes good on his campaign promise to demolish the EPA.
… And huge cuts to disease prevention and medical research programs.

TRUMP DUMP. Even the satiric news biz is wrestling with Trump fatigue. So The Onion is taking a cue from the real news biz and unleashing hundreds of pages of “leaked” fake (and funny) docs.
For instance: A fake Kellyanne Conway Craigslist ad: “Married white woman … looking for a young man … willing to let me beat the s—t out of him for half an hour.”

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