TVs' death warrant? / Thirdhand smoke / Riotfest lineup

TVs’ DEATH WARRANT? Laying out his vision for Facebook’s future, founder Mark Zuckerberg is betting on augmented reality delivered through glasses or contact lenses: “We don’t need a physical TV. We can buy a $1 app ‘TV’ and put it on the wall”—at a virtual size bigger than the biggest TV.

Zuckerberg’s vision isn’t good news for smartphones, either.
BuzzFeed: Facebook’s new camera could make telling fantasy from reality even tougher.
TechCrunch: Everything Facebook launched yesterday—and why. (Image: Rick Remington.)

FOR REPUBLICANS, PERIL AHEAD. The Washington Post’s Paul Kane says two close-call local elections suggest “Democrats have galvanized the anti-Trump activism … into votes at the ballot box.”
CNN calls the outcome in a Georgia special election for Congress a wakeup call for Republicans.
But it may also be a political Rorschach test.
In a Chicago suburb, a pro-Trump mayor has hung on for a narrow win that took two weeks.

‘A WARNING SHOT TO EMPLOYERS.’ Vox’s Dara Lind dissects the executive order President Trump signed yesterday in Kenosha.
What we don’t know about Trump’s order.
Columnist Jonah Goldberg says Trump is walking like a lame-duck president.

CITY COUNCIL LIVE. The Chicago City Clerk’s office tells Chicago Public Square technical problems that derailed the livestream of last month’s Chicago City Council meeting have been fixed, and you should be able to watch on the web today beginning at 10 a.m. here.
On the agenda: City-issued IDs for immigrants, new street lights and a new overseer for Chicago police.
But no ban on party-bus guns.
Chicago’s Board of Ethics chairman is accusing aldermen of “very unhealthy secrecy.”

WELL, THERE’S THAT. United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz says he’s received “a lot of support” from high-end customers since a man was dragged off a United flight in Chicago.
Wikipedia editors are accusing Burger King of compromising the site with “hidden ads.”

THIRDHAND SMOKE. New research finds nicotine on the hands of smokers’ kids.
Geoscientists point to global warming for “river piracy”: A melting glacier that caused a river to change course completely in one spring—something that typically takes centuries.
New research puts Chicago among cities likely to gain population as rising tides force humans to move.
The rundown on Saturday’s March for Science in Washington.

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT. A memoir by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo—a potential Democratic candidate for president in 2020—has sold just 3,200 copies over the last two years. His royalties amount to $245 per book.
The richest U.S. schools are getting richer through tax breaks.
Meanwhile, Northeastern Illinois University’s creditworthiness has dropped to junk status, and other state universities may not be far behind.

RIOTFEST LINEUP. Guess who’s coming to rock Chicago this summer?
A new Amazon TV series based on Philip K. Dick’s science fiction stories begins filming today in Chicago.
Comedy Central has ordered a new workplace comedy set on Chicago’s South Side.
Netflix expects to pass the 100 million-subscriber mark this weekend.
Commentary in Ad Age: Traditional network TV may die soon.

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