Trump's coming / Facebook's future / Still ugly

TRUMP’S COMING. In his first visit to Wisconsin since he carried the state in November, the president arrives in Kenosha to sign an order aimed at a visa program that critics say lets staffing companies import foreigners willing to work for less than Americans.
Why the president and leaders of both parties care so much about what ABC News calls “the biggest political test of the Trump era,” today’s special election in Georgia—and what meta-pollster Nate Silver expects to happen.
Vox: A Trump tweet blows away the myth that “a person without real subject matter knowledge could be an effective president by relying on skilled subordinates.”
Vice President Pence: The U.S. won’t rest until North Korea gives up its nukes.
The Onion:North Korea Successfully Detonates Nuclear Scientist.”

‘I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE COUNTRY.’—A quote attributed to Hillary Clinton in a new book that purports to tell the inside story of her campaign. (Photo: Gage Skidmore.)
 An Ohio State political prof says new research demonstrates racism motivated Trump voters more than authoritarianism.
At last Saturday’s Berkeley demonstrations, the Los Angeles Times reports, many planned to create violence.

DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR ‘TOP GANG THUGS’ ARE? Cleveland pastor and Trump bestie Darrell Scott says he’s finally holding his summit for Chicago gang leaders—in Washington.
Aldermen reluctantly vote to lift shooting range restrictions in Chicago.
Sun-Times editorial: Stop Congress from trashing Illinois’ concealed gun protections.
Where’s your Chicago cop? A new report offers fresh details on how the city deploys its officers.

FACEBOOK’S FUTURE. The company’s annual developer conference kicks off for two days at noon Central time. You can watch keynote speeches live on the web.
Axios previews what to expect.
Facebook’s big challenge in policing depraved video.
The company’s timeline details how it responded to the posting of video showing a Cleveland murder.
Kurt Wagner in Recode: Maybe it’s time to shut down Facebook Live.
The makeover Apple’s planning for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary

FANCY A CUBS CHAMPIONSHIP RING? The Sun-Times reports the rings the team’s giving its employees come with a covenant: Tough resale rules.
A rundown of free and cheap stuff corporations are dangling in front of you on Tax Day.

STILL UGLY. The Illinois Secretary of State’s office has heard complaints about that new license plate design and says it’ll be tweaked to improve contrast and legibility.
A state senator is proposing to keep insurers from using motorists’ ZIP codes to determine rates.

MOVIES OF THE MILLENNIUM. Millennium Park in Chicago, that is, where free films are to be seen this summer. Here’s the calendar.
Early reactions to the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie.

CHIPOTLE CHANGE. For the first time since its food-safety troubles—mocked just days ago on Saturday Night Live—the company’s boosting prices.
The Los Angeles Board of Education is considering a proposal to ban fundraisers hosted at McDonald’s.

WHO’S IN THE JOB HUNT? A 40-year-old rejection letter provides a lesson for the job-seekers—and the hiring managers—of today.
 Advice to young and old(er) journalists seeking work.

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