Trump's lines crossed / Ex-top cop for mayor? / Hey, kids! Architecture!

TRUMP’S LINES CROSSED. Asked whether the chemical attack in Syria has crossed a red line (like President Obama’s red line), President Trump said it “crosses many, many lines.”

Trevor Noah on The Daily Show: Who brags about having the most lines?
Commentary in The Guardian: Trump’s “sudden discovery of his conscience on Syria is profoundly disturbing.”
Human rights has been fading as an issue on Trump’s watch.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has agreed to step down from a probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and its interactions with the Trump campaign. But he made clear he wouldn’t be leaving if “left-wing activist groups” hadn’t filed accusations against him with the Office of Congressional Ethics.
Politico: Trump’s son-in-law was a factor in Steve Bannon’s ouster from the National Security Council.
Bannon on rumors he’s ready to quit: “I love a gunfight.”
A Trump supporter’s undocumented husband has been deported.
 As scandal unfolds, Bill O’Reilly’s ratings on Fox News are up.

ILLINOIS GOVERNOR RACE GETTING CROWDED. Billionaire entrepreneur J.B. Pritzker’s reportedly ready today to announce his candidacy as a Democrat.
Chris Kennedy says he’s amassed a campaign war chest that dwarfs those of other previously declared Democratic candidates.
Democratic lawmakers are heading for an education and human services budget showdown with Gov. Rauner.
Donald Trump Jr. is talking about running for governor in New York.

EX-TOP COP FOR MAYOR? Ex-Police Supt. Garry McCarthy tells WLS-AM “a lot of people” are pushing him to run.
Nearly 20 suburban mayors lost their seats Tuesday.
Tribune editorial: Voters took some baby steps toward shrinking local governments.

The Chicago Architecture Foundation has created a 144-page graphic novel exploring the past, present and future of Chicago’s built environment. Now it’s running a Kickstarter drive to put the book in the hands of thousands of the city’s schoolkids.
The Midwest’s new top destination for visitors is …

‘MY FAMILY WAS REALLY TURNED OFF BY THE HIGH SCHOOL CHOICE PROCESS.’ A Chicago woman who’s led efforts to improve Chicago Public Schools says her family’s moving to Evanston.
School board election results in one suburb may be “a sign that the public is starting to understand” transgender issues.
The Sun-Times’ Mark Brown on Mayor Emanuel’s plan to add a new requirement for graduating Chicago high school seniors: “The last thing students need is another meaningless bureaucratic hurdle.”

RICKETTSVILLE. The Reader takes a closer look at how the family that owns the Cubs is remaking the whole Wrigley Field neighborhood.
A Red Sox fan: No, Cubs president Theo Epstein isn’t the world’s greatest leader.
The Tribune’s Steve Rosenbloom on the NHL’s decision to skip the 2018 Olympics: “Olympic hockey is not NHL hockey. It’s a bunch of nationalistic fantasy lineups.”
Chicago is about to become the center of the hockey universe.
The Chicago March for Science April 22 has a route.

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