The Trump factor? / ZIP code matters / Fox advertisers revolting

THE TRUMP FACTOR? A suburban mayor who backed Donald Trump seems to have won re-election—narrowly.
Orland Park’s veteran Democratic mayor is out.

In Oak Park, for the first time in memory, the longtime political establishment failed to elect a single candidate. (Photo: Zol87.)
Neil Steinberg: “Voting has become … something once holy that nobody seems to believe in anymore.”
Find all suburban results here.

‘THE WORLD DOESN’T DO ANYTHING.’ A seven-year-old Syrian refugee shares her despair with CNN in the aftermath of one of the deadliest chemical attacks yet in Syria.
New York Times editorial: For Syria’s president, a new level of depravity.

JOURNALISM! Days after a team of high school reporters began digging into a new principal’s credentials, she quit.
Trump praises charter schools, dumps on Chicago’s public schools.
Los Angeles Times editorial: Trump’s war on journalism.

ZIP CODE MATTERS. A first-of-its-kind analysis by ProPublica and Consumer Reports concludes major auto insurers in Illinois and three other states are charging minority neighborhoods as much as 30 percent more than areas with similar accident costs.
Crain’s reports a developer is close to a deal to buy a parcel of land across the street from Holy Name Cathedral big enough to support two high-rises.

‘DUCT TAPE IS ONE OF MAN’S GREATEST INVENTIONS.’ But, Mark Brown writes in the Sun-Times, Gov. Rauner has shown it a “clear lack of respect.”
Illinois’ government is spending $0 to prevent domestic violence.
Columnist Phil Kadner: “Maybe selling the Thompson Center is a good idea. I just don’t trust the government to do it.”

WHO SAID IT BETTER? Mary Schmich compares quotes about Chicago from Trump and the pope.
Merriam-Webster: Lookups for complicit spiked (again) after Ivanka Trump told CBS she doesn’t know what it means.
Vox explains why ex-Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice has become Trumpworld’s Public Enemy No. 1.
Russia’s banned an image that suggests Putin is gay.

HOLE-Y ALLIANCE. The company that controls Krispy Kreme has a deal to buy the Panera Bread restaurant chain.
At McDonald’s, three key execs are out.
The America’s Dog restaurant chain adds “& Burger” to its name, with plans to expand.

FOX ADVERTISERS REVOLTING. In response to the latest sexual harassment scandal at Fox News, more than 21 companies have pulled their ads from The O’Reilly Factor.
The advertisers’ own words on the situation.
The media’s new watchdog? Axios’ Sara Fischer says it’s the ad industry.
The German parent company of Nivea has yanked a “White Is Purity” ad that (surprise!) proved popular among racists.
An “unspeakably bad” Pepsi ad starring Kendall Jenner is drawing widespread derision.

THE DAILY SHOW’S NEW SIB. Second City alumnus Jordan Klepper, who slipped into the “outraged white guy” role Stephen Colbert left, is following Colbert and Larry Wilmore into the half-hour slot on Comedy Central at 10:30 p.m. Central. (Photo: Sarah E. Freeman/Grady College.)
Review: Hulu’s new science fiction show—heir to The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror—is “totally bingeworthy.

Payless ShoeSource has become the latest retail chain to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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