How long till it melts? / Before he goes… / Another day, another frat

HOW LONG TILL IT MELTS? Rain later this week could wash away this snow.
 WLS-AM’s Jen DeSalvo wraps up a horrific rush hour for Square readers.
 Chicago-area governments still have too much salt.
 And the cost of keeping a suburban home warm may be on the rise for the first time in eight years.

‘THE REMOVAL OF THESE MEN WILL BE VERY HUMANE.’ The Tribune’s Rex Huppke says Iowa Rep. Steve King and his sympathizers deserve deporting.
 Esquire’s Charles Pierce credits King for “the most blatantly racist thing said out loud by a member of Congress in at least 50 years.”
 Politico: Trump’s Supreme Court nominee has “paralyzed” Democrats.
 A former Sun-Times publisher is headed back to Chicago as a Canadian diplomat.

BEFORE HE GOES… Chicago’s departing U.S. attorney, Zachary Fardon, leaves an open letter with his “Top 5” ways to make Chicago a better place.
 The investigation of Chicago police discrimination has cost taxpayers millions.
 Former federal prosecutor Patrick Collins: “U.S. attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president, but not to please the president.”
 ’60s revolutionary Bernardine Dohrn suggests turning the site of Cook County Jail into a park.

EMANUEL’S EMAIL—AGAIN. The Better Government Association is going back to court to demand more than 300 communications it says the mayor should make public.
 President Obama’s administration spent $36 million to protect federal records from Freedom of Information Act disclosure in his final year.
 For years when he headed Exxon, Secretary of State Tillerson used a fake email address to discuss climate change.

‘SHE USED HER FLEETING TIME RIGHT UP UNTIL THE END.’ Mary Schmich celebrates the life of “Marry My Husband” essayist Amy Krouse Rosenthal.
 Fault in Our Stars author John Green: Rosenthal was “a brilliant writer, and an even better friend.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER FRAT. Loyola University is the latest to suspend a chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, whose Northwestern chapter was suspended earlier this year and whose Confederate roots showed a couple of years ago with the surfacing of a racist chant published to YouTube.
 The ex-North Carolina governor who signed that infamous “bathroom law” says he’s having trouble finding a job.
 A Texas talk-radio host has apologized for mocking Chicago homicide victims: “I have to make better decisions with the words I use.”
 Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show outrated every other show in primetime.

CAN THEY SEARCH YOUR PHONE? ProPublica explains just what power Customs and Border Protection officials have—and where they have it—over you and your electronics.

 The American Press Institute on why people click on news headlines.
 Yesterday’s most-clicked Square link.
 Reason to hope at least one Chicago news website will become more user-friendly.

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