Health plan's cost / Is Trump learning? / Smile

HEALTH PLAN’S COST. President Trump promised “insurance for everybody.” The Congressional Budget Office is set to weigh in on whether Republicans have delivered on that promise.

[UPDATE, 3:23 p.m.: The CBO report concludes 24 million fewer people would be covered under the Republican plan—but the deficit would drop by $337 billion over 10 years.]
 The president’s full budget could trigger the biggest federal government cuts since the end of World War II.
 But environmentalists hope his infrastructure plans could help Illinois rivers.
 No evidence the president’s followed through with his pledge to skip his salary. [UPDATE, 3:32 p.m.: His press secretary says the salary donation will come at the end of the year.]

BEYOND PHONES. Trump’s senior counselor Kellyanne Conway suggests the Obama administration may have been spying on the Trump campaign through TVs and “microwaves.”
 Media critic Jay Rosen advises reporters to stop interviewing Trump spokespeople who make clear they can’t speak for Trump.
 Trump press secretary Sean Spicer was confronted at an Apple Store.
 Trump’s son Donald, who’s running the family business, claims he has “basically … zero contact“ with his father.

IS TRUMP LEARNING? Columnist Andrew Malcolm suggests “the demands and needs of being president are steering the new politician into more disciplined behavior.”
 Is Trump “the greatest thing to happen to America’s civic and political ecosystem in decades“?
 Trump supporters are protesting Amazon’s Man in the High Castle promotional anti-Nazi radio station.

‘MY TWO GIRLS ARE DEAD, AND I’M KILLING MYSELF.’ The release of 911 tapes in a St. Charles case ends speculation about what happened Friday night.
 Woodlawn neighbors plan a fundraiser for a family that lost two babies in a fire.

SMILE. A Tribune Freedom of Information Act request reveals Mayor Emanuel’s administration spent $1,364.54 in taxpayer money on big photos of himself displayed as he spoke last month to union members.
 Chance the Rapper’s donation turns a spotlight on Chicago Public Schools’ charitable arm—to which you can donate online here.
 Illinois lawmakers are considering applying sales taxes to more services—like manicures and lawn mulching.

IF YOU CAN’T BEAT IT… A female lawmaker in Texas is proposing legislation to penalize men’s masturbatory emissions outside a vagina or a medical facility—a practice it describes as “an act against an unborn child.”
 Neil Steinberg addresses this one: “Why should the United States be a country that encourages healthy babies? Babies that aren’t yours?

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